Rejected By Her Pack [Under Editing]  by banawolkaye
Rejected By Her Pack [Under Editin...by banawolkaye
Started: February 2017 Ended: March 2017 "You're not needed in this pack slut" "Go away. Filthy daughter of a rogue!!" "Stay away from the house...
  • queen
  • kill
  • rejected
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Maybe You Could Change Me? (Editing) by Fizaxbieber
Maybe You Could Change Me? (Editin...by Fiza
[ Currently Editing ] "I'm so god damn addicted to you." This story is about a criminal. Not just any but a criminal who has killed a lot of people, robbed mo...
  • sexy
  • love
  • wattys2018
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Wanting Her by radiantbrown
Wanting Herby L
Everyone wanted something from him and most of the time he couldn't give it to them. He took haven in a girl who barely new of his existence because she wanted nothing f...
  • possessive
  • wanted
  • bgwb
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Forced to Marry a Mafia Leader by WardaAhmed414
Forced to Marry a Mafia Leaderby Warda Ahmed
Rosalin Jones is a 21 years old girl who lives a normal life with her family until her dad owes the 28 years old mafia leader Riccardo Rossi money. Riccardo Rossi decid...
  • love
  • prossessive
  • forced
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Baby of The Band - The Wanted spanking fic by HaileyDreamie
Baby of The Band - The Wanted span...by Hailey
Who thought The Wanted, the boys who party hard, love pranks and often seen having the wildest fun would be so serious when it comes to the Baby of the Band, Nathan Syke...
  • fanfiction
  • spanking
  • wanted
Reincarnated as a Monster Becoming a Hiding God by Uneasy_Rest
Reincarnated as a Monster Becoming...by Uneasy Rest
Okami Sesshoumaru is a 20-year-old college graduate who was going to get his dream job when he was killed by a pack of wolves trying to protect a little girl. He thought...
  • mcismonster
  • wolfman
  • kindofopmc
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Just for love (Yuri Plisetsky x reader)  by Miranydeottat
Just for love (Yuri Plisetsky x re...by Miranda Tattoed
Getting put together with your enemy for partner skating has to be the worst that could happen. Wrong, falling in love with your enemy is the worst that could happen. Yo...
  • skating
  • tigers
  • plisetsky
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Wanted by the Wolves [COMPLETED] by hexodus
Wanted by the Wolves [COMPLETED]by Hexodus
I'm falling for the Alpha... ... Book 1 |Highest ranking #301 in werewolf - October 3rd 2017| Started : Feb. 28, 2017 Finished: May 9, 2017 I#1 in wanted - May 18th...
  • powerful
  • witch
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The GangLeader's Baby Book 2 by ccarpenter04
The GangLeader's Baby Book 2by Cynthia Carpenter
(I would recommend reading The GangLeader's Baby Book 1 before this book. Thank you.) Jessica Smith and Mason Jones spend one night together. Jessica at the age of 19 an...
  • romance
  • ganglove
  • gangleader
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Rejected now wanted by Lumineja
Rejected now wantedby Denise
- I looked out on the crowd around me and my heart stopped, There in the middle of a sea of people stood the one guy that I never wanted to see again, the one that bro...
  • coltonhaynes
  • model
  • second
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Spotlight || Lil Peep by winkwinkpink
Spotlight || Lil Peepby BbyPeep💍
Burn me down till' theres nothing left. I will scream your name with my last breath♡
  • hesitation
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Nathan Sykes - The Wanted Ageplay fic by HaileyDreamie
Nathan Sykes - The Wanted Ageplay...by Hailey
20 year old Nathan Sykes was the baby of the band, The Wanted. But since a few days he started acting like a real baby. Tom, Max, Siva and Jay's life changes dramaticall...
  • wanted
My wayward brother (The Wanted Fic) by HaileyDreamie
My wayward brother (The Wanted Fic)by Hailey
Having enough with Nathan's attitude, tantrums and behavior, Nathan's Mum and Dad decide to send him to his elder brother Tom! Tom who is currently living his dream bein...
  • wanted
McCann cheater dater troublemaker by xxfaheemahxx
McCann cheater dater troublemakerby Jason McCann
The love story of Y/N the good girl and Jason McCann the most wanted criminal Love Betrayal Mystery Doubts
  • love
  • teenagers
  • wanted
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Scarred Soul || BTS by TroppicallYoonn
Scarred Soul || BTSby TroppicallYoonn
Cecelia Hermina. A lonely girl at school who gets bullied all the time. She gets abused by her father, but she gets to used to the abuse and name calling. She doesn't h...
  • jungkook
  • j-hope
  • special
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Everything or Nothing ! ( A Black Love Story) by tyaira16
Everything or Nothing ! ( A Black...by Ty
If anyone would've told Ty a year ago that she would've fell in love with a Chinese man, got married, and would be imprisoned in a glorious Grecian mansion by a mafia bo...
  • shanghai
  • ambw
  • love
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Wanted Love by millie_luv44
Wanted Loveby millie_luv44
" Wanted love " read thanks
  • love
  • drama
  • cardib
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I am Pregnant - #IAMSEQUEL by ICECREAMProduction
I am Pregnant - #IAMSEQUELby J O C O S E 💀
This is the 4TH SEQUEL of "I AM GAY", " I AM YOURS" and "I AM BROKEN" Okay, obviously they're having a baby. Chloe's pregnant and Beca's go...
  • girlxgirl
  • sendrick
  • pitchperfect
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Mountain Sounds (Hatfields&McCoys) {Cap/OC} by MirPrk505
Mountain Sounds (Hatfields&McCoys)...by MirPrk
Maria Staton and William Hatfield butted head all the time. They never seem to get along but as the years go by they grow closer. Being constantly placed together it get...
  • multimedia
  • mccoys
  • bastard
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The Wanted Bird by countryreb020
The Wanted Birdby Country Writer
She's been a single bird since training. She was at the top of her gun training class. She was able to stay alive as a loner bird since she was seven. Even though old...
  • theacademy
  • wattys2018
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