Requested Imagine #50: Alessandra

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Imagine that you're in the studio recording the last few songs from your new album. You've made some collaborations and duets with Ed Sheeran, Scotty McCreery, Carrie Underwood, and Miranda Lambert. You were more than positive that your fans would love this album more than the previous one. You wanted to desperately to record a song with Hunter Hayes, but you weren't too sure how that would go. You were a Hayniac and you were more than positive that you would have fangirl if you ever saw him in person, let alone if he was recording a song with you.

"Alessandra, that was amazing! You sounded amazing!"

"Thanks Dann. I think this album's gonna be better than the last," you say smiling and thinking about the reaction from the fans.

"Sandra, I think you're right, but then again I love all your albums. I'm a huge fan," Dann said sheepishly. You laughed and hugged, thanking him for everything that he had helped you with in your musical career.

"Thanks Dann. You're too much."

"Hey, I'll see you around in few, eh? We'll have our new and last song."

"'The Last Song?'"

"Yeah, that's the name of the song," Dann said giving you a smile. You nod and thank him once again, "Bring me a cup of coffee when you come back?"

"White chocolate frap with two percent milk?"

"You know me well enough to get me my favorite Starbucks drink," he said laughing, "Thanks, I have to be here before one of the singers gets here. I'm not letting him win this completion."

"Isn't that considered cheating, Dann?"

"Not if you bring me the coffee as a surprise," he says with a smirk and you both begin to laugh. You agree on bringing him his coffee as a surprise and make your way to the coffee shop. You were kinda' in the mood for a cup of coffee too.

As you begin to the open the door, your bum made contact with the ground. You were about to get upset at the person but realized that they were sitting on the ground too.

"Are you okay?" You say with a small chuckle. He lifts his head and looks straight out you. You're in shock of who you bumped into.

"I'm okay, but are you?"

"I'm absolutely fine, Aless," he says and you're in shock. How on earth does he know who you are, "I'm a huge fan of yours."

"Oh, me too! I mean, a fan of yours. I'm a huge fan of yours, too. Hayniac right here," you say smiling and surprised at the fact that your aren't stuttering.

"Wow, I never thought you'd be a fan of mine. I'm guessing you're thinking the same thing," he says laughing. Oh you're wondering who he is? Hayniac... Country heartthrob... Yeah, Hunter Hayes.

"Yeah! I think that's a little crazy. This is so cool," you say squealing with excitement. Hunter laughs along with you and for the first time he feels super comfortable with a stranger. He feels comfortable with you.

"Speaking of crazy, I need someone else on the record," he says looking around. He's afraid that you'll say no, "Would you mind singing a song with me?"

"As long as you don't mind singing with me."

"As long as you don't mind me taking you to dinner. I'm up for it," he says with a smirk. You look at him and laugh shaking your head. This is the start of something magical.

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