Requested imagine #29: Raina

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Author's Note:

I promise this is quick! Okay, so let's imagine for a moment that you're a combination of Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift. For this imagine, neither of these singers exist. I'm not sure if this makes sense. I might be rambling. Carry on.


Imagine you're at home on the couch. You decided to turn on the television after a long exhausting day at work. You're not even sure of what you're watching but it seems interesting. The host was talking about how Harry Styles and Selena Gomez would be saying their vows in a couple of weeks. Who knew that they would actually work out?

You decided to call Selena since you were really good friends with her. "Congrats on the engagement, Sel!"

"Thanks, Raina! How did you find out?" She asked excitedly.

"I'm watching the news. You and Harry are everywhere! There's an attractive brunette host," you say as you continue to watch the television.

"Oh, I think I found it! Wait, is that what I think it is? Are you watching one where there's a guy locking lips with a girl?" You look up at the screen and you're speechless.

"Wait," you turn up the volume and sure enough it's him. You're positive that it's him.

"Country heartthrob Hunter Hayes was seen minutes stealing a few kisses until the mistletoe with his best friend, Ainsley Britain. Seems to me like they've gotten real close. Haven't they, Charlotte?"

"Y-yes. That's Hunter."

"Don't believe it. It's just rumors." Selena says on the other end of the line. You really did need more proof. Hunter was right there on the screen kissing Ainsley and he seemed to be enjoying every minute of it.

"Wait, but he hasn't called it quits with his girlfriend, Raina? He couldn't possibly be cheating on the lovely girl, could he?" The hostess named Charlotte said. You didn't want to keep watching it. He had cheated on you.

"I'm not watching it anymore. I cannot believe he would do that to me," just then, Hunter came waltzing through the front door, "I'll call you later, Sel."

"I brought the milk, eggs, and butter that you desperately needed to make those brownies." Hunter said smiling and he walked over to kiss you. You pushed him away and he looked at you confused.

"What's wrong, babe?" He asked. Apparently, he didn't know what had been aired on television for the whole public to see.

"Don't 'babe' me. Did you have fun under the mistletoe?" You asked him angrily.

"Mistletoe? We don't have mistletoe." He said looking around the house for the plant that could possibly be hanging from the ceiling.

"Really now? I'll just call Ainsley and ask what her thoughts are about kissing under the mistletoe are."

"N-no. I never kissed her! I never wanted to kiss her. I told her that I was dating but she didn't listen," Hunter said and you turned on the television.

"Oh! That makes sense. That's clearly you in the picture with the same shirt you have right now. You didn't have your lips on hers but she had her lips on yours. Genius, I should have never been jumping to conclusions." You say and storm off to your room. Hunter follows you and knocks on the door.

You grabbed your purse, keys, and necessities. You were leaving and weren't coming back ever, "Raina, let's talk about it."

"No. Was I not good enough? I know I'm not as beautiful as her but seriously. You could have called it quits!"

"No, no, no! You're more beautiful that her and---"

"I don't wanna hear it." You say and push yourself past him.

"She kissed me but that doesn't mean I wanted it or liked it."

"But you needed it." You say.

"Yes," he said proudly, "Wait, no! No! Stop! Don't go! Don't get in the car, Raina."

"All I wanna be is done. We're done. I'm done. Go back and keep kissing her under the mistletoe."

"Fine, leave. You'll need me. You won't make it in the music business. You're nothing with me, Raina," Hunter said as you pulled out of the driveway, "Nothing! You'll never be as famous as me! You'll never be anything like me!"

"You bet I won't! I won't be so conceited, that's for sure!" You shouted out the window and you never went back.


"That's sounds great, Raina. I love your voice. This is going to make millions," Tom, your music producer, said happily, "Tell me your inspiration."

"Let's just say it was a past love." You say proud of the two songs you had created.

"I think it sounds great," your mom says. She was always so supportive of you.

"These two songs didn't take long to write. I see two hit singles." You say smiling at your work. A few months passed by and it those few months many amazing things happened.

You recorded two music videos and won many awards for the two songs. "Before He Cheats" went gold and "Begin Again" went platinum. You won two Grammys from "Before He Cheats" and one for "Begin Again." Everything was going perfect. This was your dream and it was coming true. You were famous and you proved Hunter wrong. You didn't need him just to be famous.

Well, maybe you did. Just a little. The break-up was an amazing inspiration. You were now working on your twenty-fourth album. You were sitting in a café sipping a warm cup of coffee. You were in deep thought trying to figure out what was missing in your drawing.

Then you heard your song, "Begin Again," on the speaker. It made your smile as you saw people around you singing along to the song. Little girls were at their seats dancing and jamming out to the song. You noticed a lad watching you from the opposite end of the room. He was rather attractive.

He had beautiful green eyes and his brunette hair was curled perfectly. He looked precious. When he saw that you noticed him, he returned to his conversation with a blonde lad in front of him. They both turned to look at you and you couldn't help but blush.

The brunette managed to gain enough courage to talk to you. You found out that his name was Aaron. Little did you know that this brunette, this lad... Aaron was the one that you had been waiting and looking for.

"But on a Wednesday, in a café... I watched it begin again."

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