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Requested Imagine #67: Marah

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I got the idea for this one from a fanfic called After 3 and It kinda just went from there. I don't know what else to say except "Enjoy!"


Imagine you're in your bedroom that you shared with Hunter. He was in the living room watching television and he was probably already asleep by now due to the tiresome day he had at the studio. It wasn't just today. It was recently ever since a week ago when Ainsley came over. She had worn a skin-tight dress that showed off her curves. Hunter had raked his eyes down her body before turning his attention to whoever was speaking to him. He's been so distant that you wonder if did something wrong. A part of you feels that you're just being clingy and that's the last thing you wanted to be. You didn't want to be clingy, but you couldn't help it though. Hunter had always given you attention and he made you feel confident about yourself, so it was extremely awkward for you to see him checking out Ainsley.

You went into the bathroom and looked at yourself in the mirror. You noticed every single one of your flaws and how they made you unique, but dull. Whenever you weren't near or around Hunter, you never felt good enough for anything. You check the time and notice that it's getting late, but Hunter hasn't woken up yet. Today is the first time he has slept for a long time. You contemplate on walking him up or not and decided to wake him up. You grab a blanket from the chest at the foot of your bed just in case Hunter doesn't wake up. He's probably still exhausted from today's session. You had gone to check on and to take him a surprise cup of Starbucks, but somehow you managed to buy cups of Starbucks for the whole band.

You walk up to Hunter and notice how he's curled up on the couch. He's freezing and he completely forgot about grabbing a blanket like he usually does. At the last minute, you decide to not wake him up. You cover him up and kiss his cheek feeling him flinch at your touch. This is now what happens daily ever since last Wednesday. It was weird being so close to Hunter, yet so far away. Something catches your eye on Hunter's shirt before you walk away. There's a red spot and it looks almost greasy. It seems a little sweet and there's a different scent to his shirt. The scent of his cologne is still there but there's a different sweet smell and it's not your perfume. You knew that perfume scent anymore. It belonged to none other than Ainsley who also happened to be your cousin.

Ainsley had always been jealous of your realtionship with Hunter. Even though she was best friends with him first, Hunter was the one who had wanted you, not her. She was used to getting all of the attention especially she was the head captain of the cheerleading squad in high school. She even dedicated the entire month of December to herself because she felt that celebrating her birthday on one day wasn't enough. Ainsley craved attention and everyone gave it to her except Hunter. Hunter never gave her the attention that she seeked. All of his attention had been on you, but it lately it seems that Ainsley is getting Hunter's attention. You look over at Hunter who is peacefully sleeping and notice that pain that's on his face before he moans "Ains . . ."

Ains? Why on Earth would he be moaning her name? Of course, he likes her better than me! Who wouldn't? She's a cheerleader and she's absloutely gorgeous. Everyone wants her and they always give her the attention that she wants. It's always been like that since we were little. Everything has always revolved around my cousin, Ainsley.

You sit on the floor beside the couch and wait for Hunter to wake up. He scares you when he punches the couch with extreme force that almost tips him over. These dreams never end well so you decided to wake up Hunter. You know that you're the only one who can calm him down at a time like this. Not even Ainsley can help him at a time like this, but then again . . . she probably wouldn't even help him because she'd be too scared. I'm frightened too but I know for a fact that he would never hurt me in a thousand years.

"Hunter, wake up!" You say as you shake his entire body. He's not waking up and his dream, along with his actions, is worsening by the minute. You begin to lightly pat his face and that's when his eyes finally flutter open. He looks up at you a little surprised and then he blinks his eyes again before realizing that it's you. It's a little werid to see that his eyes are red and his cheeks are red like tomatoes but burning like the sun. He pulls you in for a hug and he's mumbling things that you can't quite make out. You've never seen him like this, "It's okay. Everything's gonna be alright, Hunt," you say before pulling out of the hug. His cheeks are now tear-stained and you're starting to get worried. What could he have been possibly dreaming about? Whatever it was, right now is not a good time to ask him about the lipstick stain on his shirt.

Once he's calmed down, he flinches again, "Hunter, what's wrong?"

"Nothing," he says and you know he's lying. Something's wrong and the look on his face proves it.

"No, something's wrong. What's with you? I've never seen you like this. You've been avoiding me . . . Do you not---nevermind."

"Do I not what? Tell me," he asks pleadingly.

"Do you not like me anymore?" you ask nervously, "I mean, physically. Do you not want me anymore?"

"Marah, how could you ever possibly think that! I will always want you and need you. What makes you think that I didn't want you anymore?"

"It's just Ainsley came over the other day and the way you looked at her. You come home later than usual and you have lipstick on your shirt . . . You don't even acknowledge me anymore. You flinch everytime I try to touch you and I just . . ."

"It's nothing about you. It's me and Ainsley keeps coming over to bother me. I kicked her out of the studio a few days ago and she somehow managed get in the studio today. I promise that there's nothing between me and her. I would never want her the way that I want you. You're special to me and you always will be. I don't want Ainsley. I never will, I can promise you that with all of my heart," he says and you know that he's not lying. He's telling the truth and you know how persistent Ainsley can be when she doesn't get the attention that she craves, "I'm just tired, babe. That's all."

"No," you say with confidence, "That's fine that you don't want Ainsley but you can't just ignore me. I want some attention too, ya' know. I give you attention that you crave and you give me the attention that I want."

"Attention you want?" he asks teasingly, but you know that he's quite curious and he likes this side of you. Your confidence and anger was a turn-on for him. He decides to tease you even futher. He knows exactly what he's doing to you, "I'm really tired, Marah."

He begins to get off of the couch but you push him back onto the couch forcefully. Even though he looks at you shocked, he's turned on. This is exactly what you wanted. You were in control and you were going to get what you wanted. Your lips meet his and you kiss him passionately. He reciprocates the actions by kissing you back. He begins to wrap his arms around your waist but you swat his arms away. You needed to make it clear to him that you were in control at this very moment by teasing him, "Well, I'm going to sleep now. Love you, Hunt."

"Oh no you don't, Marah. You're going to finish what you started."

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