Requested - Imagine #7: Kamilliya Clarity Murray

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Imagine that it's spring time and it's warm outside. The flowers and trees have already bloomed. You're on the patio breathing in the fresh air. This is one of the many reasons you love spring.

You decided to let your puppy out of the house to get some fresh air too. He's happily chasing a purple butterfly. You hear your phone tweet so you decide to pull it out from your pocket and see who tweeted.

"@HunterHayes: @hunterhayesgal5 I miss you gorgeous. I love you."

You smile at the tweet and you quickly open your phone and tweet him back.

"@HunterHayes, I miss you too. I can't wait to see you."

Soon your phone blows up with tweets about how precious you and Hunter are. You laugh at how sweet his fans are. You hear the house phone ring and you run to go get it.

Your long dark brown curls bounce as you rush to the phone. You already know who it is. Hunter.


"Kami, why did you leave the dog outside?"

"Oh, well I wanted him to get fresh air--wait! How do you know that I left him outside?"

"Well, you left a couple of things outside." He says chuckling. You run to window and pull back the curtain to find him standing by his black car.

You hang up and run outside to see him. You jump into his arms and your curls jump too. "I miss you so much, Hunter." You say as you kiss his cheek.

"I missed you too, Kam." He says as he looks into your grey eyes. "I missed seeing your eyes everyday. I missed being able to kiss you whenever I wanted to.

"I missed having you in my arms. I just missed you like crazy." He admits.

"Crazy? More like insane." Matt says getting out of the car. Sam, Steve, and Devo followed behind him.

"He's been counting down the days on his phone." Devo says.

"I'd say lover boy missed you more than he should." Sam said. You laughed at the song pun he used. Hunter's cheeks turned bright red.

"Just to let you know, red is a good color on you." You say laughing and then kiss him on his bright red cheek. It's warm from all the blood that had rushed up to it.

"Ew." All four boys said at once. "We don't wanna see any of that." You kiss Hunter again just to get on their nerves.

"We're going inside." Matt declares. Sam, Steve, and Devo followed behind. Matt and Sam raced each other to the door which was a rather hilarious sight to see.

"I wanna take you somewhere." Hunter says looking at you.

"Alrighty, Hayes, where do you plan on taking me?"

"That's gonna have to be a surprise, Murray."

"You know I highly dislike it when you call me by my last name."

"I could always call you Hayes."

"I wouldn't mind that." Both of you laugh. "No, but seriously! Where on we going?"

"I'm not telling you." He says again for the third or ninth time. "It should be right around--"

You gasp taking everything in. It was absolutely beautiful. The waterfall and the trees and flowers. "Hunter..."

"I found this place the other day while I was cruising. I thought of you when I saw it. I thought you would like it."

"I don't like it." You say seriously and he frowns. "I love it." His frown quickly turns into a smile.

"Well, come on. Don't just stand there." He says taking your hand. He pulls you toward the lake at the bottom of the waterfall. He takes off his shirt and jumps in. You jump in not caring that you're clothes would get wet.

"I love it here." You say once again after a few hours of being in the water. You had already eaten what he had brought. It was fresh gumbo that his mom had packed for him to bring. You made a mental note to thank her later.

You head was resting on his chest. You were listening to his heartbeat and how yours matched his perfectly. "You do know why my heart beats, right?"

"Well, of course I do. It means you're alive and healthy."

"Yeah, that too. My heart beats because I have you here with me. I don't know where I'd be if I didn't have you." You feel a tear slide down your cheek. That had been the most sweetest thing that anyone had ever said to you.

"I don't wanna spend the rest of my life with anybody else."

"Neither do I. I wanna be here with you forever. I wanna be able to support you whenever you need me."

He kisses your forehead and stares into your grey eyes. "You already support me more than I could ever imagine. I never thought I could someone as much as I love you, Kamilliya."

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