Imagine #84: "InvisibleLobster"

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Imagine . . .

"(Y/N) baby, the cake smells delicious cake." Your boyfriend, Hunter says as he walks into the kitchen with his thumbs dancing away on his touch screen phone. He sets it down on the counter to wrap his arms around your waist and kiss your cheek and neck. You can't help but giggle when he presses his lips to your jawline.

"Hunter, you're not going to get to taste test the cake before your parents get here."

"Fine, but I do get to taste test it because I made an effort, right?" He asks and you shake your head. He pretends to be angry at you for not letting him taste the cake as he walks over to the kitchen island and checks his phone. He lefts out a laugh before he quickly has his finger pads touching the screen. You don't question him because he's probably texting Sam or a friend of his. You never asked him about his friends. You trusted him enough to have the liberty to have a private life from you.

Your phone buzzes and you put the spatula and tub of frosting to the side. You take the phone out of your pocket and smile when you see that it's a fan saying how they loved you. You unlock your phone and tweet them back even though you knew your mentions would blow up after this.

"@InvisibleLobster: @(your twitter name) You're so pretty! I love you!"

"@(your twitter name): @InvisibleLobster I LOVE YOU TOO, HANDSOME."

"I honestly love the fans," you say to Hunter and he chuckles, "The male fans are interesting. I get some weird and serious questions."

"Like what?"

"Hmmm... Let me find one because my notifications are blowing up. Oh! Here's one and from the same guy who started all of this! At InvisibleLobster says "@(your twitter name) Will you go to prom with me?""

Hunter shakes his head knowing that he's gotten endless amounts of questions like that especially about inappropriate things and he's thankful that you haven't got a chance to see those, "Are you going to tweet him back? Wait, how do you know he's a guy?"

"Well, first of all, there's his picture and his favorite celebrities happen to be girls."

"Uh, that doesn't mean anything..." Hunter states and you roll your eyes, "Just answer him already!"

"@(your twitter name): @InvisibleLobster I'll have to ask my boyfriend just to be on the safe side." You quickly tweet back causing another rush of tweets being sent to your phone. The unknown fan tweets you back with a date and after answering the questions of so many other fans, you return back to frosting the cake.

A month has passed by and you just stepped out of the bathroom after taking a shower and find Hunter lying on the bed asleep with TopGear playing on the television. You can't help but take a picture of him and tweet it to the fans.

"@(your twitter name): I caught my love @HunterHayes sleeping. He'll probably kill me for this."

Your notifications have all been over flooded by the fans and many of them are mentioning you and "InvisibleLobster." You hear a vibrating sound in the room and notice that it's Hunter's phone. His phone vibrates every time "InvisibleLobster" is mentioned. It might be just a coincidence, so you just shake it off. It doesn't take long for Hunter to wake up, but as soon as he does, he looks over at you and smiles.

"Hey, handsome," you say smiling and lean over to kiss him on the lips.

"Hey, babe," he says with a smile and you can't help but swoon at how deep his voice gets after waking up. He wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you close to him causing you to laugh. You and him were truly happy together and anyone could see that.

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