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Imagine #5: Guardian Angel

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Imagine you're at a coffee shop. You're sitting at the counter quietly sipping your coffee. You live in a small town which means that they aren't many people in the shop. Mostly it's elders relaxing and others are a couples who want a calm and peaceful date. 

The door opens but no one turns to see who it is. You don't even want to bother. You just broke with your abusive boyfriend and you already turn him into the police. You honestly did not want to see anybody. Not even Ainsley. 

She was your best friend and you guys told each other everything. Right now, coffee was your best friend. 

"Whoa, check her out." says a guy behind you. You don't turn to see who it is because you're absolutely more than positive that they aren't talking about you. 

"Uh, girl at the counter." Now you know they were talking to you. Still you don't acknowledge them. They sit beside and you suddenly feel claustrophobic. "We're talking you." He curses at you and you flinch but don't make it noticeable. 

One of the males leans up on you and fidget around not liking the fact that no one ever told him about personal space. "Get away from me." You say. 

"Aw, come on," says the blonde man, "we just wanna have some fun." He has a devilish grin and you aren't to fond of it. His friend his brunette and he too has the same smile on his face. 

The brunette-haired man caresses your back and you push him away. "Don't touch me." You hop down from the chair and quickly start to walk out. The blonde man grabs you from behind. 

"Where do you think you're going?" He says upset. You see anger flash across his eyes. He pulls you into a corner. "You say one word and everyone here gets shot." 

The owner had been threaten as well as the elders and couples around. No one was to call the police. Well, what on Earth were these two men doing in a small town, let alone in the coffee shop? 

At the moment you're thankful that Ainsley isn't here or she would have gotten hurt. She wouldn't have been afraid to speak her mind but then everyone would have gotten hurt. 

"Let her go." You hear a young man say as he bursts through the coffee shop's door. The brunette man makes sure that you do go meanwhile the blonde one tries to get rid of the young man. 

"Just go," you say, "I don't want you getting hurt." 

"Maybe you should listen to the girl. She's right. Just leave. Besides, a little boy like you isn't going to do anything." The blonde man says laughing at the young man's height. 

The young man looks at you and you can't help but notice his bright baby blue eyes. He was rather attractive and you could have sworn he looked like he was eighteen or nineteen. 

Then next you hear a bone breaking. Everyone turns to look at the blue-eyed man. You notice that the blonde one had a bleeding nose and his jaw wasn't in a good shape either. 

The man who was holding you decided to let you and ran out the shop. The blonde man was still there and you can see that he's not ready to give up. 

The blue-eyed man hits him again and you see that the blonde man has a red eye. Soon he leaves too, understanding the message. 

Everyone cheers for the blue-eyed man and he walks over to you. You're still in shock of what he did. He sticks his hand out to help you get off the ground. 

"Thank you." You say smiling. You're feeling your cheeks heating up. 


"By the way, what's your name?" 

"My name is Hunter Hayes. Yours?" 

"(Y/first&lastname). Thank you Hunter. You saved my life." He strokes your cheek gently. 

"I had to. I couldn't let them hurt a beautiful girl like you." Now you know you're blushing like crazy. "You look beautiful when you blush." You giggle. He was angel. 

He's not just an angel, you think to yourself, he's a guardian angel. Hunter Hayes had saved your life and you were pretty thankful about it. 

What would Ainsley think about all of this? You think to yourself laughing.

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