Imagine #91: The YouTuber

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Imagine that you've come across a YouTuber and he happens to be one of your close friends. It surprises you, but as times go on, you realize that you're falling in love with YouTuber. One day you're at his house and while you're outside waiting for the pool to fill up with water, the famous YouTuber making another weekly video.

I looked down at my handwritten script that I had made moments ago because I knew that if I did this on the spot, then I would stumble over my words and sound absolutely absurd and that was the last thing that I needed to do. I studied it over and over again until I got a general idea of what I was going to talk about so I would not have to depend on my notes. I looked up at the camera and sighed knowing that I wouldn't be able to do this video without music. I pulled out my phone and played music with little to no volume at all. The music helped me feel calm and I confident knowing that viewers wouldn't be focusing on my voice the entire time. They would more than likely be focusing on the music or on my surroundings because apparently, the fans seems to infatuated with my bedroom. I would, of course, find this amusing knowing that my bedroom was not that appealing to other people, but to me, it was the best thing ever. If I wasn't outside riding four wheelers then I was definitely inside either making YouTube videos or writing songs so I could make YouTube videos of me singing in hopes that someone notice me and think that I have a little bit of talent. I wouldn't be surprised if no one noticed me though. I'm not exactly the first person people would when they needed entertainment. That only worked when I was little, but now, not so much. People barely like teenagers and if they do, it's because they look Brad Pitt or James Dean. I sighed once more before hitting the button to begin recording my video.

"Hello beautiful ladies and handsome gentlemen! Welcome to another video of For The Lovs Of Music. I'm so ecstatic knowing that you took the time to join me today. Okay, so last week, I had millions of you asking me to the ice bucket challenge. Well, guess what I did it. So, the whole point of the ice bucket challenge is--"

"To get soaking wet and feel paralyzed!" (Y/N) exclaimed as she ran into the room. This was a live video and with the stunt she just pulled there was no going back. I laughed when she tripped and landed flat on the bed, but laughter stopped as soon as I took in her appearance, "(Y/N), you look like you're freezing."

"Hunter, I'm fine. I'm waiting for the pool to fill up. You are going swimming with me right?" She asked still unaware of the camera and recording and the fact that I was doing a live stream on YouTube. I read the comments as they quickly went by and I was shocked when my eyes landed on a certain one and I was infuriated.

"I suggest you keep your comments and thoughts to yourself. She's my best friend:" I said into the camera and even though I know it was rude, I was going to let anyone bash (Y/N). It wasn't fair to her especially since she didn't know what I was doing, "Uh, I'm going to do this another day. In the meantime you can watch the video of the Ice Bucket Challenge which has been uploaded. Oh! I also challenge you, the viewer, to do the ice bucket challenge!"

I heard (Y/N) and she quickly covered herself using my blanket. She was out of sight of the camera so no one couldn't notice what just happened. I laughed a little bit, but tried not too. She was embarrassed and that's when I knew that I had to log off. I would log off after answers at the most ten questions and then I focus on (Y/N). I answered questions like if (Y/N) was my girlfriend and if we were dating. I was asked if I had written any new songs and if I was planning to go anywhere for the holidays. Many of them were excited that I was going to New York for the holidays hoping that they would bump into me. When I noticed that the questions were the same, I told them goodbye and wished them a Merry Christmas before logging off. I wouldn't be on until next year. I looked over at (Y/N) who had her face covered. I walked over to her and pulled her covers down from her face and saw that she was still bright red, "I'm done. It's just me and you. No one else."

"I didn't know you did videos."

"Uh, well . . . I didn't want to say anything because I feel like people would think I'm weird and they already think that I'm weird enough. Don't want to make things worse, ya know?" She nodded and I knew she understood be.

"Hey, geeb. You're my best friend and I wouldn't have told anyone. You of all people should know that your secrets are safe with me," She said and I laughed. She laughed with me too and that's what I knew that I had to tell her my most important secret of all. It would change my life and possible hers, hopefully for the best, "What's up? I know that look on your face."

"Well, you know how you said that my secrets are safe with you?"

"Yeah. What about it?"

"Well, I need to tell you something. I just need help. I like this girl and I am more than positive that I'm in love with her, but I know she'll never feel the same way about me. How do I tell her how I feel?" Her smiles fall and I'm confused. Maybe this isn't going the way I planned.

"Well, she must be really lucky if you like her, let alone love her. You can call her after this practice run." She says. The smile on her face is no longer evident. Her eyes aren't gleaming and I wonder if she's upset about me asking her for help.

"You don't have to do that." I say and she shakes her head.

"You're my best friend and I want to see you happy. Your happiness is important to me." She pulls out her phone has me call her. I do that and she answers. I tell her how I feel and she says that she feels the same way too. Her eyes gleam a little now, but the gleam is lost as soon as we hang up, "It won't be hard for you. Just be you. She has to be stupid if she doesn't want you. I have to go. I'll see you around, Hayes."

She's gone before I can anything to her and it kind of bothers me. I shake it off and look down at my phone. I decide that I'm going to call the girl without her being able to see my caller ID. I don't want her to freak out before she can answer. She answers on the third ring


"(Y/N)?" She's crying. This isn't how this was supposed to go. I put on my shoes and jacket along with my beanie before getting hit with the cold air.

"Hunter, you called the wrong person."

"Just hear me out, okay?" There's a pause and I know she giving me a chance. As I speak to her, I make my way to the park knowing that's she'll be there.

"Why did you call?" She asks.

"I need to tell you something important." I'm stalking because I think it would better if I told her this is in person.

"What do you need to tell me?" She whimpers and that's when I hang up. I sit down beside her on the park bench and she's fuming knowing that I hung up on her.

"You're my best friend. I'm in love with you. All those things I said during our practice run, I meant them. Those things I said, they were about you." She jumps in shock and I have to stop myself from laughing. She's looking at me expecting her to tell her that I was joking. There wasn't an awkward silence at all but there was a silence of confusion. She's looking around expecting to find someone else but gasps when she realizes that no one else is around, "Yes! I'm talking to you. There's no one else here to talk to. I wouldn't talk to anyone else even if there were other people here."

"I thought--"

"That when I asked you that I had to tell you something that you weren't the girl? You thought that I would never fall for a girl like you. You thought that you weren't good enough and that's why you came here to the park. You thought that after I had hung up on you, I had given up. You thought that I had called the wrong person. You thought that I would never find you here in the park by yourself thinking and beating yourself up for something that you can't change. You thought wrong. I was panicking when I heard you on the phone. I couldn't think that I was the one who had done that. I was the one who had made you feel bad and I made you think that you weren't good enough," I said and she chuckled, "I'm here to tell you that I don't want good enough. I want you and you are more than good enough. You're amazingly perfect in every way and I can't believe you could believe and think that I could possibly be in love with another girl."


"(Y/N), just answer my question." She nodded and prepared herself for my question, "Do you love me enough to be my girl?"

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