Imagine #83: Interview

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Imagine this from Hunter's point of view.

* * * * * *

"Hunter, don't forget you have an interview today," Sam says from the kitchen and I nod, but remember that he can't hear a nod. I answer, but it comes out more like a mumble. I didn't want to go to the interview. I didn't want to go anywhere. What was the point of going if there would nobody here to wait for me? My love was gone and I didn't have a reason to do anything anymore. What was the point? "Hunter, grab your guitar. We're also playing two or three songs."

I nodded noticing that Sam was standing in the doorway watching me. I couldn't do this and he knew that, but the fans needed me and right now, I needed them too. I needed them to understand how I felt, but at the same time I didn't want them to feel devastated simply because I was busy moping to even have energy to move around. Even though the other guys knew how I felt and gave me their sympathy for losing my lover at such a young age, there was only one person who would understand my reason for feeling this way. Sam. He understood and I was more than positive that he felt my pain. He was the brother that I never had and he knew me better than anyone, but not as well as (Y/N). She was something. Her beautiful sparkling eyes and her long luminous soft hair. She was an angel. She always brought out the good in people. She was my sunshine and she would constantly tell me that I was hers. She was my everything and I'm proud to say that all of my memories consisted of her now. She was always on my mind and in my heart.

Sam lead me towards the small radio room where my interview would take place. I wasn't physically, mentally nor emotionally prepared for the questions that I would be asked. I knew what I was up against, but when the questions tumbled out of the mouths of Neil and Gertrude, I was close to breaking down. I tried so hard to keep a straight face and i succeeded.

"So, how's the new record? It's been an epidemic in the entire world. You've gone international!" Gertrude asked me ecstatically. I smiled and thought about how my girl and I had traveled the entire world. She never left my side and she was with me through it all.

"It's grand! I was honored to be able to travel internationally to almost every country in the world with my musical family and friends. It's such a the blessing!"

"Speaking of grand, we heard Ireland was a little more exciting than the rest of the countries?" Neil asked me and I shook my head. I loved visiting every country. This is what I loved doing and I wasn't having any favorites unless it came to where I live or my mom's cooking.

"I personally think every country was exciting. Each has their own different culture and I found it easy to be a part of it," I replied before a picture of me and my girl was flashed on the screen. We had taken a selfie wearing the most absurd hats we could find. She was smiling in all of my pictures. Even through the pain, she smiled. She was a strong girl. Always will be.

"Who's the girl in the picture? She looks dazzling." Gertrude asked me and I couldn't help but answer the question immediately.

"That's my girlfriend," I said and I literally heard everyone's heart drop, including mine. She was no longer mine. Someone else had taken her.

Someone had taken my girl.

"You should bring her in sometime! We'd love to meet her. Right, Gertrude?"

"Absolutely, Neil! She looks like a pocketful of sunshine," I agree, Gertrude. She was a pocketful of sunshine. She was dazzling. She was everything I could ever ask for and if not, more.

"I'm sure she would love to." Only if she could come.

"In the meantime, you can sing us your new hit single! Everyone in the audience gets to take home an autographed album along with--" I zoned out. I was no longer listening to Gertrude and Neil. I was thinking of her. The girl that I had no choice, but to let go. I fought so hard for her to stay, but my fighting meant nothing. The other guy was just better than me. It's not like she had a choice either. She was intrigued by his form and his looks, so of course she went with him and he gladly with open arms took her.

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