Requested Imagine #30: Gabi Caylen

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I suggest you listen to "Cry With You" while reading this imagine. Enjoy.


Imagine that you are Hunter and you're seeing this from his point of view.

I had just come back home from the studio. Something didn't feel right. It had something to with my Gabi. Her smile wasn't reaching her eyes and her dimples weren't showing. Her eyes seemed to have dimmed a little.

"Gabs, you okay?" I asked and she looked at me and gave a small smile. It looked she was hiding something from me.

"I'm fine, Hunter. Just messing around with Janessa." I looked down at the little girl in her arm. My little girl. Janessa was smiling but she also knew that there something wrong about her mother. She felt it too. I didn't pressure Gabi anymore because I knew she would come around. Weeks passed and I noticed Gabi getting paler and she was getting thinner. She wasn't the same. Something was wrong and it was killing. There was something she wasn't telling me. She would avoid looking at me. It's like she was scared of me. I decided to have some alone time with her.

"Gabs, I know there's something wrong." I said to her. She looked down at her twiddling fingers.

"I-I, I have c-can-cancer." Gabi stuttered and hung her head, "I wanted to tell you alone and not with Nessa over hearing us."

"I'm gonna be here with you. We can do this together. You're gonna make it. I promise." She was crying and I tried my best not to cry. I had to be strong for our Janessa and for her. I had to be strong for my Gabi and my Janessa.

Janessa's first birthday soon came and Gabi invited mostly family and friends. Everyone was there and none of them seemed to notice that Gabs looked different. Not even her parents.

"Hunter, you're truly a blessing for my little girl. Thank you," Her father said, "I've never seen her this happy before." No one knew Gabi better than I did. She was good at putting on a show and it seemed to me that everyone was buying this one.

"I can't believe my little girl is finally one." Gabi said as she was smiling down at Janessa, "I promise I'm gonna make it through this. I have to see you live happily ever after."

"I promise too," I whispered to myself, "I promise I'm fighting for you. I'm keeping my promise." I walked over to where she was sitting with Janessa in her lap. "Gabbers, drink this."

She happily took the glass of water and drank it. Slowly, but she drank it. "I feel better already!" She exclaimed but I knew she was lying. She didn't want her little girl to think that she was weak. Deep inside she was crying, I knew it from the look on her face.

"You're not leaving, are you?" She asked me after I set Janessa in the crib. I shook my head and kissed Gabi on the forehead.

"No, love. I'm going outside for some fresh air," it wasn't a lie but it wasn't the truth either. I was going outside for some fresh air but I just needed to cry. I hated seeing her like this. She seemed much more fragile.

She followed me outside and broke into sobs. I knew she had been holding that in the entire time. "Everything's going to be fine, I promise."

"How? How do you know? The doctor says it's getting worse."

"Faith. Just let it out. I wish I could away the pain, you know that, but keep it inside you won't fix it. Let your tears out." I was now silently crying with her and I knew that I didn't have ever answer that she desperately wanted and needed. "You're the strongest woman I know. You'll be safe and sound. Soon we can pretend none of this ever happened."

The pain she felt, I felt it to. Maybe not exactly how she felt it but it was a pain in my heart knowing that I really couldn't do anything about the monster that was eating her from the inside out.

"You have no idea how much I love you," she whispered into my chest. I ran my hand up and down her back. Even though she was thin and her smile didn't reach her eyes, she was still my Gabi. My Gabbers. My Gabs. My girl.

Exactly four years later, I was in Janessa's room reading her a bedtime story. It would soon be time for her bedtime. Usually Gabi would be reading to her but she had been losing her strength and sight. The thought of losing my love scared me. Once I knew Janessa was in a deep slumber, I kissed her forhead and suddenly I felt a pain in my chest. It felt like a knife had went through my chest. I decided to check on Gabs who was lying down in bed.

She wasn't there.

"Gab? Gabs? Gabi?" I heard a glass drop in the kitchen and ran there. I managed to catch her before she fell. "No, no, no. You promised me. Stay strong, love. Stay strong for Janessa."

I dialed the ambulance and they said that they would be on their way. I dialed Sam's number and asked him if he could watch over Janessa for me. He agreed into watching her as long as he went to the hospital.

"Sam, I can't lose her."

"She's a strong woman. She's going to make it."

"Mister Hayes?" The doctor asked as he looked at me with a frown on his face. No, God, please tell me it isn't what I think it is.

"That would be me."

"I'm sorry. She---" I didn't want him to finish the sentence. I fell to the ground and broke down in front of Sam and the doctor. Something that never happened. She was gone. My Gabi, my girl, my angel. She was gone. I ran to the room where she was. Her body was on the bed and she still looked beautiful even if she was pale. She was still my girl, the love of my life.

"Gabbers, I know you can hear me somehow. You promised me that you would make it. You promised our Nessa. I know you couldn't make it. You were a strong warrior. My warrior girl.

"Sam's here and he's crying too. He's upset about you leaving us. I'm still keep my promise, Gabs. I promise that where you're going will be so much better than this world. Say hi to everyone for me and Nessa.

"I'm gonna have to call your parents, princess, and my parents too. I'll respect your wishes about having only family and the boys there. I don't want to even talk about this. Ju-jus-just why did you have to go?"

I went back into the waiting room where Sam and Janessa were. The doctor said that Gabi couldn't be here for long so I needed to leave and make arrangements for whatever I decided to do.


"Yeah, babe?"

"Why are we here?" She asked looking around the hospital.

"Just go back to sleep, my RosieBear. It's just a bad dream." Janessa seemed to have bought it and went back to sleep. I took her from Sam's arms so he could say anything he wanted to to Gabi.

The day of the funeral came too soon. This wasn't supposed to happen. Not like this. We were supposed to die old together. We were supposed to watch Janessa go to prom and graduate and be there for her when she cried over a boy who I would hate for making my little girl cry.

The preacher went on saying about how amazing Gabi was and how she was a ray of sunshine, always brightening people's days. She always wore a smile they showed her dimples. She always blushed whenever she was complimented and her laugh was perfect and contagious. Everyone got along with Gabi.


"Yes, buttercup?"

"Where's Mama? She coming back? She don't love us no more?" Janessa asked me.

"Actually, Mama had to go. She in a better place now. There are angels where she is that are really glad that she's back. She's taking care of you though. She's always watching you." Mentally, I was telling Gabi that I would still keep my promise. I was still fighting for her. I was still fighting for my warrior princess. I promised I'd be strong for her and Nessa.

I saw as people had dug six feet down just leave an angel's body in the ground. I held onto Janessa tightly but not hurting her. I had to resist from pushing them away and pulling her out of the ground. A place where she didn't belong. She belonged her with Janessa and me.

"Mama's a angel?" I nodded answering Janessa's question.

"She's our guardian angel."

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