Requested Imagine #23: Sydney

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Imagine Hunter's outside playing with his little boy. You're inside the house stirring a pitcher of fresh cold sweet tea. Why are you inside the house and not outside with Hunter and your son? Well, you're watching over your daughter who is currently taking a nap in her room. You occasionally go to her room and make sure she isn't too cold or too hot. She was the kind of baby that got upset if she didn't get a nap.

You walk outside onto the patio and laugh when you see your son Mason trying to tackle Hunter. It's a hilarious sight to see. Usually, it was one of the other boys from the band with Mason because Hunter was sleeping at this time or he was having an interview. Today, the whole band had a day off and Hunter had desperately wanted some time with his son. Mason had been throwing the football at Hunter and from the looks of it, it seemed as if Hunter wasn't catching the ball. The football would somehow slip out of Hunter's hands and fall onto the ground.

"Sorry, Dad. I guess I can't throw the ball well," said Mason as he rushed over to his father.

"It's not you, Mase. It's just that your father isn't that great at sports," you say as you make your way towards them. You help Hunter get up and once he's on his feet, he stands back and watches you play, "Go long, Mason!' You exclaim. Mason begins to run and looks back to see when you throw the ball. You throw the football and catches it perfectly without missing a single step. Hunter looks at Mason amazed. "Throw it back, babe."

Mason doesn't hesitate and throw the football back to you and you catch it too. You see the huge smile of Mason's face and you find yourself smiling too. "I'll be back, Sydney. I have to check on Raelyn." Hunter whispers in your ear and you nod. You turn your attention back to Mason.

"I'm proud of you, babe. You're really good at this." You say and Mason feels proud of himself.

"I want to join the football team at school, Mama. Can I join?" Mason asks you and deep down inside you know that you can't say no to his bright blue eyes. They reminded you so much of Hunter. Mason was an exact copy of Hunter only much smaller. Mason's blonde hair had begun to change to brown and it would somewhat curl at the ends. Mason was beginning to get his musuclar build too and he was getting a few inches taller than Hunter.

"I don't know, Mase. I'll have to ask your dad." You say to Mason. He gives you a warm smile and you can't help but smile back. You're pretty sure that he's daydreaming about being on the team. Part of you did want him on the team and the other part of you didn't. What if your son got hurt? What he breaks his arm? What he gets a concussion? What if he gets lost or what if he isn't as healthy as before? They seemed like pointless questions, but you were his mother and you cared to much about your son. You were one of those over protective mothers that cared.

"Here Mama, catch!" Mason exclaimed and threw the football at you.

"Whoa! Mama can catch!" You hear a voice say and you turn to see who it is. It's Matt Utterback. He's the wierdest and funniest guy in the band.

"Gee, thanks." You say and soon Hunter comes out of the house with a little pink bundle in his arms.

"Hey guys." Hunter says and smiles. He takes a seat in the grass, carefully placing Raelyn in his lap. You know that she's still sleeping becuase of the way he's holding her. Matt, Sam, Steve and Devo join you and Mason in your game of tossing and catching the football. "Why don't y'all play an actual game? Rae and I will cheer y'all on."

"Mama, you go with Uncle Steve and Uncle Devo. Uncle Matt and Uncle Sam will be on my team."

"Your son clearly just told you that you suck at football." Matt snickered.

"It's on, Utterback. It's on." You say pretending to put on your game face.

"I don't think so, Hayes." Matt says and takes a step back. You know that the game has officially begun. After two hours have passed you're tuckered out and so are Steve and Devo. Sam and Matt continue to play with Mason.

"Good job, Mason!" You cheer him on as you see him dodging past Matt. He quickly dashes to the other side of the lawn with ease.

"May-chin!" You hear a high-pitched voice exclaim from Hunter arms. "May-chin!" Mason quickly runs over to his sister's side and picks her up. "May-chin! May-chin! May-chin!"

"She said my name!" Mason says excited that his sister managed to say his name. Raelyn knew exactly what she was doing. "She said my name!"

"May-chin!" Raelyn continued to say while she was in her brother's arms. She was proud of the new word that she had learned. She had a huge bright smile upon her face. She was clapping with joy and so was everyone else.

"I think someone else is proud of you too, Mason." Hunter says looking at his little girl and then at his little boy. Everyone laughs and it causes Raelyn to giggle. She's wide awake now and her eyes have lit up too. She wasn't tired anymore and you could see that.

"May-chin..." She mumbled and rested her head on her brother's chest. Raelyn tried her best to wrap her arms her brother but managed to wrap them around part of his chest. You could help but pull out your phone and took a picture of the beautiful sight in front of you. That's my new wallpaper. You thought.

"I love you too, Raelyn." Mason says and gently hugs her.

"They're so adorable," you whisper into Hunter's ear and chuckles.

"Just like you," he says and pulls you in for a kiss.

"If I knew things were going to get mushy and lovey dovey, I would have never come." Matt says with a huff and escorts himself inside the house. You find yourself laughing and thanking God for a wonderful family. You were truly blessed with a very special and wonderful family.

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