Requested Imagine #21: Deanna Lee

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Imagine that you're three years old. You're at home helping your mother set the table. Your best friend is coming over and are his parents.

"Deanna, here. Set the napkins there and you can go wait for Hunter."

"'Kay Mama!" You say excitedly. After you place the napkins on the table you rush to the door. Before Hunter can knock on the door, you open it. You smile at the sight of your best friend. He pulls you into a hug and laughs. He then takes a step back and sticks his hand out. In his hand there is a bouquet of flowers.

You happily take and he helps you look for a vase to put them in. After that placing the flowers in a vase full of water, you both decide to go outside and play. At some point, you and Hunter are sitting between a magnolia tree and weeping willow tree.

He turns to look at you and you feel yourself smiling. You knew nothing about love but the way Hunter made you feel you positive that this is what true love felt. Somehow he convinces you to kiss him.

"We can count to three." You say. Both of you were nervous about doing this. "One..."

"Two..." He said and quickly give each other a peck on the lips. Both of you didn't even both to say "three" because you were a nervous wreck. After playing a little bit longer both of you go back inside and agree not to tell anyone your secret. No one was to find that you had kissed your best guy friend and he kissed you. It was secret that no one on Earth would find out.

Now imagine you're fifteen and it's your freshman year in high school. It's a while since you seen Hunter so all you do is simply reminisce on the memories you had with him since you were three. When you did get a chance to see him, he was either in his room playing an instrument or trying to write lyrics.

He would always play you a song every time you got a chance to see him. You could see how much he loved music until one day. It was the middle of freshman year. Hunter wasn't at school. He hadn't been at school for a whole month. You were starting to worry a lot about him. What if he was sick? What if he had left Breaux Bridge, or Louisiana, or even worse... What if he had left you? No, Hunter would never do that. He promised you that he would never leave.

Right after school you went over to his house and you were greeted by Lynette, his wonderful mom that you considered as a second mother. "Come on, honey. He should be in his room. Maybe you can get him out."

"Maybe I'll use some of my magic to get him of the room." You say laughing.

"I hope so, Deanna. He always listens to you." She said softly and then return back to cooking gumbo in the kitchen. You walk up the familiar stairs and knock on his door only to hear him trying to play a song on his guitar. It's a little different from the other he would play. It sounded more of his, uh, more of his style.

You knock once again on the door and he slowly opened the door. He smiled when he noticed it was you. The first he can think of is pull you in a great giant bear hug. It feels good to be in Hunter's warm strong muscular arms. Although you could tell he was a little nervous. He wouldn't sit still and he was rambling on and on about how his music was working out.

"I got a gig in New Orleans. I'll be leaving--"

"You're leaving me?" You ask and then you were shocked when you realized what you said.

"Leaving you? I could never leave you, Deanna." He said taking your hand. He closed the gap between you two. You didn't want to move. You couldn't move. It was like your feet were planted there with cement and besides you didn't want to move. You liked having Hunter this close to you.

You feel your heart pounding in your chest and your positive that he can hear it. It sounds like a rocket ship trying taking off but it's having some difficulties. "I would never leave you. You know that. I'll come back."

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