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Requested Imagine #69: Morgan

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Imagine there's a knock on the door and you know who it is. It's Hunter who has just gotten home from a tour. You were expecting him to spend some time with his parents in Louisiana or in the studio, but no. He decided to spend his time with you. You greet him with a kiss and laugh with excitement know that he's home. It was a good feeling to know that your boyfriend and best friend was finally home. Spending six months away from him and when you think about it now, it's hard to believe that you managed to survive those six months. The kiss has become much more heated and your legs are now wrapped his waist. Gracefully and swiftly, he closes the front door behind him and leads you into the bedroom you shared. He gently places you on the bed with much caution and continues to kiss you. He hovers over you while your hands run up and down his clothed chest. You're distracted by his muscles to notice that he is leaving a trail of kisses to your neck. You finally notice that he's kissing your neck when he bites your neck. It's a love bite.

"Hunter, please stop," you plead hoping that he'll stop kissing your neck. You really don't want him to stop, but you're not ready for the next thing. It's just to much for you to handle. He pulls back and looks at you a little confused, but he soon goes back to kissing you, "Hunter, please. Stop."

This time he pulls back and he knows that you won't give in today or at all. You been dated him for six years and in your heart, you're ready for this, but your mind says otherwise. You're still traumatized from the incident when you were four. You look up at Hunter and you know that you want him. You need him, "Not tonight, babe."

"Wait, Morgan," he says grabbing onto your arm pulling you back onto the bed, "What's wrong? Are you not ready for this? I won't pressure if that's it. I just need to know what's wrong. It's like you're afraid of me touching you." He says the last sentence carefully that it sends a chill down your spine and through your entire body.

"It's not you, it's me," you say and he shakes his head, "Not tonight."

"Why not?" He asks and a small pout creeps onto his lips, "Are you afraid?"

You're speechless and all you can do is shake your head. It's funny how all these simple sentences, these simple words are bothering you. Maybe it was the effect he had on you. Maybe it was the way he talked or maybe . . .

Maybe it was because you wanted him too.

"No," you manage to say but you look away from him, "I'm not afraid, I'm just--"

"You're scared. I can feel it," he says before pulling you into his arms. You want to talk to someone about what happened but you don't know if it's a good idea or not. You're afraid that he'll go ballistic. That's the last thing you want to see because seeing Hunter angry . . . Well, it turned you on. His voice would get deeper and his Cajun twang would be evident and sometimes, if he was really mad, he would throw stuff.

"It's just, I'm not a--"

"Have you--"

"No," you say and you look away, "I haven't. I mean, I was forced. My cousin. She raped me when I was four."

"Morgan," he says holding onto you, "It's okay. I'm here." You didn't realize that you were crying.

"I want to do it, but I'm just scared. If I still had it, you would be the only person to have it," you say before letting out an exasperated sigh. Hunter pulls away and you're more than positive that he's mad. You can almost feel his anger.

"I know you're scared, but I won't hurt you. Personably, I think that you still have your virginity," he says and you look up at him confused, "You didn't want her to have it. You can't give someone something that you don't want them to have."

You stare at Hunter for a minute as you try to understand what he was saying. Was he implying that he believed that you still had your virginity? "I'm saying that you still have your virginity."

He was such a mind reader sometimes.

You throw yourself at him and begin to kiss him passionately. He knows that he got you to believe and he knows what he's done. He has taken so much off of your chest. Figuratively and literally. "Are you sure about this?" He questions.

"Yes, I'm sure."

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