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Fine. Apparently, I couldn't leave Maya dead in the last imagine. It was supposed to be a sad imagine which means it worked, but I have this super magical power where I can bring dead characters back to life! That's a lot of HOOPLA for ya! Alright, so here's part two of the imagine due to peer pressure...

PS. I'm totally okay with this because it means y'all read these imagines and because I don't want the baby to die either. I couldn't never kill a baby in a story.

PPS. The italics are Hunter's thoughts. The rest is more of a narrator.

PPPS. The very first thing is where we left off in the last imagine.


"They're all here for me. Are they really worried or are they worried about my baby? I can't do this anymore. This is for the best. I have to go and I have to leave them. I can't stay here and deal with the hate from my parents and from the fans. Ainsley loves Hunter and Hunter loves her too. I know it. Once I'm gone, everything will be like it was before. It'll be like I never happened. I was never in their lives.

"She won't make it," was the last thing you heard from Kate."

* * * * * * * * *

I wish she could see all the people that are here for her. Even some of the fans are outside waiting to hear news about Maya and the baby. The whole band is here too along with Dann and a few other people. Kate, Ainsley, and Melissa are here too. Carrie's outside in the hallway crying her eyes out and Mike is trying so hard to console her. Taylor's lost her giddiness and Ed, well let's just say that he's not in the best shape either. Everyone's eyes are red especially mine.

The pain on his face was visible. Everyone noticed how he desperately wanted to be by your side. Hunter wanted to help you. Deep down inside, he knew that he could help you but he was starting to lose hope.

"Hunter, you have to at least eat something," Melissa said as she placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Not hungry," Hunter whispered. His voice was almost inaudible. Melissa looked back at Andy who was standing in the corner and she shook her head with a worried expression.

"Hunter, you have to eat. We let anything happen to you too," Andy said and Hunter shrugged. It's almost like he didn't care. He didn't care about anything. Not even about his own health. Ainsley shuffled into the room without a word.

"Please Hunter, don't do it for us or for Maya. Do it for yourself," Melissa began and Hunter was even listening, but the sound of your name set something off. His tears were beginning to fall again. Hearing your name was something he couldn't handle at the moment.

I can't lose my best friend and the girl I love. Why does this have to happen to me? Did I do something wrong? Am I doing something wrong? Do I not show her that I love her as much as I can. She's been on this hospital bed for a week now and she hasn't woken up. I know she can hear me though but I don't know what to say. I know she won't believe me. She never does but I don't understand why she's with me if she doesn't believe me. She's so insecure and she's always putting herself down.

"Come on, Hunt. Doc says she's perfectly fine," Ainsley said, "The baby's even fine."

"Won't wake," Hunter said. After a week of sobbing and not talking, it was as though his mind shut down. He forgot how to speak in complete sentences and nothing made sense to him. It would take at least five minutes to answer a question or a comment. He hasn't moved from the seat that he sat in from the very first day. Not to mention that he doesn't have the best hygiene after spending a week with you in the horrid hospital room.

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