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Imagine #71: Happy Valentine's Day

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Imagine you're at home playing with your twin children, Harry Edward and Annabella Scarlett, and your golden retriever puppy, Cappuccino. The five-year old twins and puppy were currently running around the house as they played hide-n-seek with you, "Harry baby, you have to wear shorts. You can't run around like that."

You quickly grab the shorts that Harry has dropped on the floor before chasing after him, "No, Mommy!" He exclaims with laughter as you quickly scoop him up. He had a thing for running around naked. He wasn't too fond of his clothes, "Mommy!"

"Harry!" You say using the same playful tone as him, "If you keep them on, you can help find Ella and we can have dinosaur nuggets!"

"Maco-whoa-ni in cheese?" Ella says ecstatically as soon as you finish buttoning Harry's short.

"P-ind Eh-wa!"

"Yes, macaroni and cheese, Ella," you say before turning back to Harry, "What would I do without you? I need some more help though. I need someone to help me make macaroni and cheese and dinosaur nuggets, but I don't know who can help."

"Me, Mommy!" The twins exclaim ecstatically knowing that they will be able to help you. You help the put on aprons and hats to make them look like official chefs.

"Harry can get the pasta and Ella can get the cheese," you say before the phone rings, "I guess, I'll get the phone."

You recognize the ringtone from your cellphone and you know it's Ellen, "Hi Ellen!"

"(Y/N)! How are you doing? How are Ella and Harry?" Ellen says as there's something about her voice that sounds like she's hiding something.

"We're doing wonderful! The twins are in the kitchen getting things to make macaroni and cheese, so that should be interesting."

"Those twins are something else. Speaking of them, how would the three of you like to come to the show? Would mind if I interview you?" She asks. Oh, now you know that there's something up.

"What day, Ellen?"

"February fourteenth." That would be on Friday. It would be your second year without Hunter. You weren't so sure about this, "I have a present for the twins and you, so I'm hoping to see you there. Besides, your fans have been wanting to see you on the show again and I miss you."

"I miss you too, Ellen," you look over at the twins who are happily playing with each other with the kitchen magnets, "We'll see you on Friday."


"Harry, you have to keep your shirt on."

"Ella, where did you leave your sandals?"

"Harry, don't take off your clothes."

"Cappuccino, don't encourage him to take off his pants."

It mostly consisted of this all day until it was time for the interview. You had made the children to pinky promise that they would behave with Melissa Sheridan. She had gotten a job as a crew member of the Ellen show. She would be taking her three year old daughter to work today, which meant that your twins and her daughter would be playing together.

"Harry, Ella, Mommy's gonna be talking to Ellen. Stay here with Aunt Mel, okay?"

"Yes, Mommy." They both replied at the same time.

"There's my favorite Hayes people!"

"Ellen! Oh, how I've missed you."

"I miss me, too!" She answers jokingly before enveloping you in a hug, "The twins are getting so big!"

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