Imagine #10: Junior Prom Date

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Imagine it's the last week of March. It's Saturday which means you have three weeks until prom. There's only person who intend on going to prom with and it's not the football quarterback.

It's geeky and adorkable, Hunter Hayes. How do you plan on getting his attention? Tweet him of course! Cars, coffee, and music. Easy peasy.

You pull out your phone from your pocket and open up the twitter app. Ten new followers and five mentions. You quickly follow back your new followers and then begin to tweet Hunter.

@(y/twitter name): @HunterHayes would you be willing to go to prom with a fan?

You press send and hope to God that Hunter will tweet back. You don't so you decide to get the Hayniacs to unite and help you.

@(y/twitter name): Hayniacs, mind helping me tweet Hunter about prom w/me? #Prom2k13

You decided to get off Twitter for a while and go out for a jog. You take your iPod nano and have your songs on shuffle. You have Hunter Hayes, One Direction, Carrie Underwood and other country artists blaring through your headphones.

It's getting late and you were able to run three miles which was a huge accomplishment for you. You get home and take a quick shower. You put on some yoga pants and tank top.

As you pull your hair up in a ponytail, you decided to check your phone. You're shocked at the amount of mentions and retweets. You even notice that "#Prom2k13" is trending.

Suddenly, your phone's screen switches to something else. It's a tweet from Hunter and he mentioned you.

@HunterHayes: @(y/twitter name) I'll have to check my schedule but I'd love to. #Prom2k13

"Hunter Hayes tweeted me!" You scream in excitement. You wait a few hours before tweeting because you don't want to sound desperate for a prom date.

Your mother even calls you later that night after she had gone through her timeline.

"Baby, I can't believe Hanes tweeted you." You laugh and roll your eyes.

"Mama, it's Hayes with a 'y' and I'm so excited." You say happily. Your phone won't stop blowing up from the Twitter notifications.

*One Week Later*

You open your phone and read your mentions while having breakfast.

@_MusicAddicts: @(y/twitter name) have fun!

@vacantesteve: @(y/twitter name) watch out for my shawtycake!

@hhssecretagents: @(y/twitter name) #Prom2k13 was a success!

There were multiple mentions all relating to the same thing, well more like person. Hunter. He was the reason that your mentions and follows had blown up. You were literally blown away.

There was one tweet that caught your eye. The reason that everyone was excited.

@HunterHayes: @(y/twitter name) I'm a good slower dancer at prom. I'll be there. #Prom2k13

"Prom with Hunter Hayes? No way! This is so cool and impossible! It's a dream come true!" You scream through the entire house. Hunter has accepted your invitation to prom and you were really happy.

You were fangirling about the fact that your idol was your date to prom and you were excited because you a date to prom.

@(y/twitter music): @HunterHayes thank you so much for accepting the prom invite.

That whole day you were in a daze. You had a prom date and it Hunter Hayes. It was still had to believe that. How could this happen to you? A small town girl was going to prom with her favorite singer of all time.

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