Imagine #2 - Beach Walk

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Imagine your at the beach. Well, actually you're at the hotel and you were on the way to the beach. Hunter had told you to put on your favorite blue dress that had some sparkles. It was his favorite dress and he loved the way it looked on you.

"I'll be back," you say as you make your into the bathroom, "I shouldn't be long. Don't go anywhere." He gives you a moment to slip into your dress and prepare yourself for tonight.

Your phone buzzes meanwhile you're changing and you notice that it's text from Ainsley.

"Where are you?" It reads.

"At the hotel. On the way to the beach." You reply. You slide into your dress and put on your cowboys boots. Your phone buzzes again.


"Are you wearing the blue sparkly dress?"

"Yes and with cowboy boots." You reply. It doesn't take long for Ainsley to reply.

"You two have fun tonight. Love you bunches!"

"Love you too, Ains." reads the last message to send to her. You fix your beautiful long hair into gorgeous curls. The curls look so natural. You add a little blush to your cheeks and apply some red lipstick, not too dark or too much.

You walk out of the bathroom and look at yourself in the large mirror. Pleased with your appearance, you make your way to wear Hunter was.

"Uh, Hunter? I'm ready." You say as you fix your black fringe purse. Hunter looks at you from head to toe.

"Wow," he managed to say, "You look hot." You feel your cheeks hear up and thank him. He takes you by the hand and escorts you to the beach. No one is there except for a few couples enjoying the nighttime view of the beach.

The moon is bright and full. Its light is being reflected on the ocean. The waves seem so peaceful and romantic. You feel like your walking through a chic flick.

Hunter comes to an abrupt stop making you stop too. He looks at you, smiling.

"Your eyes look beautiful tonight. Your eyes shine brighter than the moon, (y/n)." You blush and you're pretty thankful that there isn't enough light to see your face. There's only enough light to see where you were walking and to see the face of the person you were walking with. No details could be seen.

"I love you, Hunter." You say smiling.

"I love you too. I've loved since day one. You're all I've ever wanted. You're not just somebody's heartbreak, you're my heartbreak, my storm warning. I guess love makes me feel this way about you.

"I can't live without you. You light me up and I don't feel like everybody's got somebody but me when I'm with you. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I wanna pick up where we left of...

"Uh, no. I wanna start something else with you. A new song. Our song," You smile at his puns. He was a pretty guy for using almost all of his songs from his previous albums.

You notice he has something in his hand. There's not enough light to see what it is. You realize that Hunter is already on one knee. Slowly, you begin to realize what's happening. You realize that Ainsley had know about this.

"Will you marry me?"

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