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So I still believe in fairytales. I believe in princesses, princes, castles and animals that talk. I'm still a five year old at heart so I'm not sure how I'm in high school. Anyways, a girl can dream. So in order to make this imagine "magical" listen to "I See The Light" from the Tangled soundtrack. This one's gonna be short because it's super late and I'm supposed to writer other imagines.

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Imagine the it's your wedding night. You've finally married your best friend and the man of your dreams, Hunter Hayes. He's happily talking about his parents while you're dancing with his little cousin, Reid. You never thought that someone could actually have this much fun at a wedding.

"It's time to go, love," Hunter whispers in your ear after doing a cute, but silly, dance with the five year old cousin.

"Do we have to to already? Can't we stay a little longer? Just a little," you insisted. Hunter gives you a sweet and passionate kiss.

"As long as I get a dance with my girl," he says. You happily nod and begin to dance to the music with him. You know that he's trying his best to keep up with you. Soon the few minutes turn into three hours. Hunter's desperate for some alone time with you.

"Okay, okay. Let's go, Hunt," you say and he takes you by the hand. He gently places a kiss on your cheek and you smile. He pulls you towards the patio and you see a tall table with a paper cylinder on top of it.

"It's a paper lantern. I know how you love them," he says and lights it up, "it's so everyone can know that we're together. Forever. I want everyone to know that I found my princess."

You feel yourself blushing. You were still in shock and you couldn't wrap your head around the idea of marrying Hunter Hayes and being his princess. He had always been your Prince Charming but you never thought this would actually happen. You nod and take a hold of the paper lantern, "Forever."

"I love you, (y/n)."

"I love you too, Hunter," you saying and he gives you a quick kiss before you both lift the lantern into the sky. Once the lantern you and Hunter let go, more lanterns light up the midnight sky. Everyone applauds for the beautiful light show, "Thank you. I love it. The lanterns were amazing."

"I'm not finished. We have to go," he says and you can't refuse. Now you want some alone time with Hunter. You're a little curious of where he's taking you but you don't ask because you know he won't tell you either way, "We're here, (y/n)."

You look around the unfamiliar place. You had fallen asleep on the way there so you didn't notice any signs that you passed by, well, that is if you actually passed any signs, "Did we come by car?"

"No, we came by boat. You were gazing up at the sky and you were dreaming with your eyes awake. You eventually closed your eyes and fell asleep."

You hear water flowing quietly and birds chirping. You can smell the sweet jasmine around. Your eyes rest on a cabin and you look at Hunter. He nods and motions you to go in. You walk into the cabin and see blue rose petals on the floor. Hunter knows how much you don't like red roses. You can ever smell ocean-scented blue candles.

"It's beautiful, Hunter," you say taking in the beautiful scene in. It's hard to believe that you're still here with him. You're best friend and now husband, "I've found where I belong."

"I found where I belong as soon as I laid eyes on you," Hunter whispers and you knew that he had heard you.

"Everything's different and I love it. I found where I'm meant to be. After all those years, trying to find the 'right guy' and he was right in front of me," you say and he pulls you closer to him.

"Try having all those days pass by and thinking you'll never be mine because you deserve better than me. You could have gone with Romeo but you chose me instead," he says and wraps his hands around your waist.

"Better than you? No, it doesn't get better than this. You're my Romeo and I'm just another girl who's head-over-heels for you," you say and he kisses your forehead. He shakes his head telling you that he doesn't agree.

"You're my princess and you could have chosen someone else better than me. End of discussion," he says and his face turns thoughtful, "This feels like a daydream. I'm afraid to wake up and realize that you're with someone else."

"I would never go anywhere else."

"I vow to never stop loving you. I vow to never leave you," Hunter says. You two are slowly dancing without any music.

"I vow to stay by your side and to support you and your music career because I know the good Lord has blessed you with talent."

"(Y/n), you have no idea how much I love you. You will never know how much I love you."

"I love you too, Hunter. I love you."

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