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Requested Imagine #57: Emily

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Imagine . . .

"C'mon, Hunter!"

"I'm coming, Ems. Just give me a minute," Hunter says as he attempts at fixing his hair and places a hat on his head, "I'm really excited."

In case if you didn't notice, this is Hunter's first softball game. He's off tour and he won't be in the studio for a while so he decided that he would support you at your last game. This last game was a big deal. This game would determine if you were the best of the best and if you could go to the Olympics, since they've decided that softball was a sport.

"I think you're much excited than I am."

"You can't blame me. I mean, I'm going to support my girlfriend at her last softball game and I know she's gonna win. Even if she doesn't, she's still a winner to me and we're gonna celebrate. Win or lose," he says ecstatically. You can't help but laugh and roll your eyes. Typical Hunter.

"I kinda' do blame you because I don't have a girlfriend to support at her last softball game," you say and he stares at you. He knows you're joking and he tries to look upset but everyone knows that Hunter can never get mad at you. You grab your softball helmet and hat along with your gear and make your way to the car. You open the trunk of Hunter's Range Rover and slip your things inside before closing it and taking your seat on the passenger's side.

"So how far is it?"

"It's a few minutes from here. Coach Keller said that it would be in Atlanta, Georgia or was it Athens, Georgia?" Hunter looks at you wide-eyed and you laugh, "I'm joking. It's in Atlanta."

"For a second, I thought you didn't know!"

"There's just one thing."

"What's that, babe?"

"My team doesn't know we're dating."

"Okay? Wait, I'm not following you. What?"

"No one at college and no one on the softball team knows that I'm dating you. They don't know that I'm dating 'Hunter Hayes' and they seem to be huge fans. I mean, huge," you say. Hunter glances at you and turns his attention to the road

"Em, what do you mean by 'no one'? Does that mean not a single person knows?" You slowly nod your head, "There haven't been any guys hitting on you, have there?"

"Hey, don't be jealous. None of the guys even talk to me like that. We're all friends and whatnot but no flirting. Besides, the question has never come up and I don't wanna actually go around telling people to avoid me because I have a boyfriend that's a total klutz and has two left feet," you say and he laughs.

"I love how you left out the singing part," he says using an opera tune.

"That's a hobby of his! Have you ever met him? He's a little crazy but I love him to the galaxy and back," you say and he canst stop laughing, "I'm serious. I think the two of you would get along. You're a normal guy, he's a normal guy... Normal guys get along right?"

"We're here," he says so you'll stop talking. You're suddenly nervous but you want to win, even if it's just a game. He laughs and you look at him confused, "I'm sorry I couldn't hold in my laugh. Your face was priceless! Don't forget to breathe. I don't want you having a panic attack."

You nod and before to start to get out of the car, you're pulled back. Hunter's holding onto your arm not wanting you to leave yet. He cups your face and you can't help but smile at him. He kisses your forehead and then kisses you passionately. In that kiss, you felt safe and perfect. You knew that Hunter would never leave you or just randomly ditch you like some kind of one-night stand. He was here to stay forever and no one would ever tear the two of you apart...

Except for the person who began to knock on the car window.

It was your best friend Alice. She was smirking and laughing at you and Hunter. She motions you to hurry up because the game's about to start. She leaves and you turn your attention back to Hunter. He gives you one final kiss on the lips, "Go get 'em, Tiger."

"See you later, alligator."

"In a while, crocodile"

After an hour into the game, your team is winning and Hunter is clueless. He doesn't know what's going on at all. There's also a girl in the stands who won't leave him alone. Of course, she was a fan of his and he did take a picture with her because that's the kind of person he is but she wouldn't leave him alone. She was making you mad. Did she not understand that Hunter had a girlfriend?

Oh wait. Of course she didn't know because it wasn't exactly "official" to the public. Hunter wanted to declare his love for you as soon as he met you but he decided that he would wait until you were ready to handle the cameras in your face. He wanted to make sure that you felt safe and he didn't want anyone to put "his girl" down. Back to the girl in the stands who's right beside Hunter, she leaned up and kissed him on the cheek. His eyes became big and he was in utter shock. He looked upset and looked down at the girl who had kissed his cheek. You could see him saying something to her in a very upset manner. You had never seen him this mad at a fan. The game ending with you hitting a home run. You made it in time to slide into home plate and win. Hunter was cheering you on and screaming his heart out. The girl who was beside him wasn't too thrilled about you winning especially since she was cheering for the other team. She storms off and finds some other guy to bother.

Everyone's cheering because your team is now considered the best nationally and you now have to opportunity of going to the Olympics, which has been your dream ever since you were five. You managed to find Hunter through the crowd. He spots you too, rushes over to you, picks you up and spins you around like a princess or a cliché 60's movie. He kisses you and he spins you around again.

"I can't believe it! I knew you could do it, babe!"

"We're going to the Olympics!" You exclaim and he laughs.

"I love your excitement," he says and you can't help but kiss him again, "I'm proud of you and I love you, Em."

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