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Requested Imagine #36: @hh_hayniac

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Author's Note:

This is not my idea. My friend Mya, who is also a co-owner with me on my Hunter Hayes imagine Twitter account, thought of this. Credit to her and follow us on Twitter @HHImagineArmy. All I did was extended it to make it fit my expectations on WattPad.


Imagine Hunter's coming home today. You're extremely excited about seeing him today. It's been almost a year since you've seen him. You arrived at the airport as fast as you could and jumped out of the to meet Hunter.

You waited for what seem like a millennium but then you finally heard the words "Flight 786 landing from Malibu." You waited anxiously at the gate for the arrival of your boyfriend. About fifteen minutes later, you saw a blonde spiked hair boy walking through the gate with his arm wrapped around a beautiful brunette girl.

Hunter seemed perfectly happy and then he noticed you. He was surprised to see you. You didn't know what to say, you were speechless. All you did was turn around and raced home. Through your tears, you managed grab a duffle bag and quickly stuffed all of your necessities in it.

You ran out to the car with tears streaming down your face and threw the duffle bag in the passenger's seat. You drove as fast as you could to the airport where a plane awaited you which left in forty minutes. You had a one-way ticket to Charlotte.

You were about to place your bags on the carousel when someone placed their hand on your shoulder. You turned around to see Devo.

"Before you leave, think about what you're doing. Don't do something you'll regret." He said before Sam, Andy, Matt and Steve showed up. There was no sign of Hunter anywhere.

"Don't go!" Hunter said as loud as he could. He was trying to run but he had a noticeable limping motion. He had bloodshot tired eyes and his face was wet. He took at the most three more steps before falling. You dropped your duffle bag on the floor and rushed over to him.

"Are you okay?" You asked worried about him. You always cared about him and you always would.

"Let me explain," he said with a crackling voice, "Just don't go."

"Help me get him up here," you said as you tried picking up Hunter from the ground and helping sit in a chair, "I'm listening," you whisper and dry the tears from his face.

"I-I, I know wh-what you saw. I-I, I know i-it seemed w-wrong. She was he-help-ping me," he said through his sobs. He tried so hard to stop but he couldn't. He didn't want to lose you, "A b-bullet gra-grazed my leg wh-when I-I, I helped a fan. It took a ch-chunk of skin. I-I, I haven't walked s-since without crutches. I-I'm sitting on stage on a stool and I'm not jumping around."

Matt butted into the conversation. He was trying to help his best friend, "He's not lying. We were there," you looked at the other boys and they all nodded.

"He's telling the truth," this time Andy spoke up, "I know for a fact that he cares about you more than anything. Don't leave him, please. Please." Andy pleaded. He minded you of your little brother that you dearly missed. You turned your attention to Hunter who had his face buried in his hands.

"I understand if you don't want to be with me anymore. You have every right to be mad."

"I'm sorry, Hunter. I'm sorry for everything. I hate seeing you like this. You're the best boyfriend I could ever have. You're brave and I love you."

Hunter raised his head from his hands slowly and looked at you. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. Hunter pushed your hair behind your ears and you wiped away his tears once again. You gently wrap him up in a tight hug and you hear him whisper, "I'm grateful I have you. I love you, too."

You let him go and rested your head on his shoulder for what seemed like forever. Steve spoke up, "Does this mean y'all are still together?"

Hunter looked at you and smiled and replied happily, "Yes."

All the boys cheered and gave each other high-fives knowing that you two would be insuperable.

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