Imagine #4: Family. Hayes Family.

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Imagine it's almost Thanksgiving day. Five days to be exact. You've only got a couple hours to get ready and make pumpkin pie. Hunter's at the studio, only practicing and more than likely messing around with the boys.

"He's such a goofball." You say out loud to yourself. You laugh at the memory when you, Hunter, Sam, and Matt taped Dan Huff's door shut.

You hear the song "Wanted" playing from your phone. Hunter made it your ringtone so you would how much he cared about you. You rush to your room and slide the button to answer.


"Hey beautiful." He says through the phone and you're more than positive that he's smiling. "Are the bags in the car?"

"Of course. I'm too excited to meet your family." You say. You had been counting down the days until today. "How's the studio?"

"Fun, as always. We're laughing about when we taped Dan's door." We both laughed and harmonized.

"I remembered that too. I think Dan misses that. We should do something like that again too." You say laughing. He laughed too and agreed. He says that he will see in a little bit.

"I love you." You both say at the same time. You hang up, but before you do you hear Matt scream, "Is that (y/n)? I LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOUR LOVER BOY!" You laughed and you tell Hunter to tell Matt that you loved him too. You hang up and went to bake the pie.

You begin to sing to yourself, Hunter Hayes style, but not as manly. You were singing the right words but you were too excited so you decide to sing them off key. "I could be so good at loving you but only if you told me to!"

"I wanna love somebody like you." You hear his voice and you jump a little because you didn't hear him come in. He kisses you and smiles. "I smell that the pie is ready. Besides, we should get going."

*Breaux Bridge, Louisiana: You Have Arrived*

"OMH! I mean--"

"You are such a Hayniac at heart," He says laughing, "Look! We're finally here. There Mama and Dad."

You see the smile that had crept on his face. It had been almost ten months since he had last seen them. When the car stopped, you hopped out. Hunter rushed over to his parents and they were hugging each other happily.

"Mom. Dad. This is my girlfriend, (y/n)."

"Nice to meet you." His mom came to me and hugged me. His dad too.

"I'm Lynette and this is Leo." She said pointing at her husband. He smiled and looked over at Hunter, which left you and Lynnette alone.

"Mrs. Hayes--"

"No, call me Lynette. Please."

"Sorry, Mrs. Hayes- I mean, Mrs. Lynette. I baked a pumpkin pie and peach cobbler. I wasn't sure which one the family would like best."

"Oh, well, if Hunter doesn't finish the pumpkin pie first, then we'll have both. The family loves homemade food." She said smiling. She motions you to follow her inside where you was greeted by Hunter's family. The men were outside creating a bonfire.

Lynette pointed to each of the women and you tried your hardest to remember them all. They all seemed thrilled with fact of you are with Hunter. Eventually, it's time for dinner.

Everyone is gathered around a large table that had been setup.

"Now, we go around the table and we say one thing that we're thankful for." Hunter whispers in your ear. You nod understand. Most of them were thankful about how they were proud of Hunter and how far he had gotten. One of his aunts was thankful that God had blessed her with another year to live and see her nephew all grown up into a wonderful man.

Soon, it was Lynette's turn. She stood up and smiled at you.

"I'm thankful that my baby boy finally found somebody that he can be happy with. I truly am."

"I agree with your mother too, Hunter," Leo said standing up holding Lynette's hand, "You've grown up into the man that we wanted you to be and you have somebody to be there for you." You're in shock. You don't know what to say. Lynette walks over to you and pulls you into a hug.

"Thank you. You don't know how thankful I am that Hunter found somebody like you. Take care of my baby boy. I see how much you love him."

"Yes ma'am. I do love him. That's what I'm thankful for. I'm thankful for Hunter and our love. I'm thankful for a wonderful family like you guys. I'm thankful that you and Mr. Leo were willing to let Hunter'a dream come true."

"But what she doesn't know," Hunter says and wraps his arms around your waist, "is that I would have never gotten this far if it was her. She's gotten me through so many things. I'm thankful for my girl, (y/n)"

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