Requested Imagine #64: Anna

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Imagine it's Thanksgiving day. You and Hunter are in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana in order to celebrate this special occassion with his family which has now become yours. As soon as the Hayes family realized that you were Hunter's girlfriend, they were blessed. You were everything all of them had dreamed of. You could easily fit in with them. Sometimes Hunter's uncle David would joke around about you being born into the wrong family.

Anna, sometimes I feel like you were switched with one of the members in our family. Especially with Louise. I feel like you were originally a part of the Hayes family but I think the nurses mixed you and Louise up and gave you to the wrong family.

You can't help but laugh because Uncle David says every time you see him. Hunter's still asleep in bed and it's amazing how he can sleep for so long, but he only sleeps in because he's with you. You try to wiggle out of his arms that are wrapped around you. You managed to carefully and gently wiggle free, but as soon as you leave there's a pained look on Hunter's face. This was not going to end well. You can't help but grab his hand like a little child. The pained expression on his face only worsens. He begins to whimper and it's starting to scare you.

"Hunter, wake up," you say and he shakes his head, "Hunt, wake up," a tear slips out of his eye and he's face is burning. His hands are even sweating. You have to wake up so you shake him until his eyes flutter open. Immediately, he sits up and wraps his arms around you.

"I thought you left me," he whispers and the way his voice sounds . . . it pains you to hear him like this.

"I never would. Why would I do that? Especially today of all days," you say and he shrugs. He pulls you in for a kiss and you're surprised by the sudden gesture but you quickly reciprocate the action. The kiss is passionate and he manages to pull you on top of him. You're hovering over him and a chuckle escapes from his lips.

"I think it's the other way around," he says before flipping the two of you around. You're on the bottom now and your cheeks are flushed red, "Red looks beautiful on you."

He kisses you again but this time he tugs at your bottom lip with his teeth. A moan escapes from your mouth before you can stop it. He looks at you with a smug look and he seems quite satisfied. He leaves a trail of kisses down your jawline until he reaches your neck. He kisses your neck and it's an amazing feeling. This is a side of Hunter you had never seen and you never thought that you would until now. After distracting you with leaving kisses on your neck, you feel his teeth bite down on your skin. You groan from the pain but he kisses it one more time before blowing cool air on it.

A love bite.

His bright blue oceanic eyes have turned a shade of darker blue. Your heartbeat quickens a little and you're pretty sure that it's going to burst out of your chest. He leaves another love bite on the opposite side of your neck. He then kisses your lips again. It's passionate and it's the most comforting thing ever. This time he leaves a trail of kisses down your chest and stomach and stops right above your belly button should be. He's obviously guessing where it is since both of you still have your clothes on. He rests a hand on your stomach before looking up at you. You're ready for this moment. You know what's going to happen.

"We'll finish this later, love," he says before kissing you and getting off the bed.

"You are such a tease!"

"I know, but now you gotta hide the marks I left on your neck. We don't need the family to see, now do we?"

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