Requested Imagine #61: Emma

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Imagine that you and Hunter have been blessed with a daughter by the name of Avalon. She's the most beautiful girl in the world and it's not just because you're her parents. Everyone can agree that she could be Miss Universe. She's a sweet angel and a role model to many girls and sometimes, some guys too.

"Hunt, would you get the door?" You ask him. You're in the kitchen making baked spaghetti meanwhile Hunter's in the living room watching the Saints game on the television.

"Sure Emma," he exclaims as he pauses the game to open the door. You already knew who it was. It was Avalon's boyfriend, Stephen, coming to pick her up for prom. She was currently in her room getting ready.

"Good evening, Mr. Hayes. How are you doing?" Stephen asked politely, but he sounded nervous. You quickly stop what you were doing and wash your hands before rushing to Hunter's side. You squeeze his hand and you can feel him somewhat relax. You let go of his hand and give Stephen a hug. He relaxes a little too, but he's still nervous, "Good evening, Mrs. Hayes."

"Good evening, Stephen. I've told you many times to call me Emma. We're all family here," you say smiling but Hunter gives you a dirty look. You roll your eyes knowing what he's doing. This always happens whenever Stephen comes over, "Let me go check on Avalon, she should be almost ready."

Stephen thanks you and nods before you turn around and run up the stairs. You carefully knock on the door to Avalon's room, "Ava baby, you almost ready?"

"Almost, but I can't get this curl to stay up and this one to stay up," she says as she shows you two loose curls. You study her face and notice that she's only wearing lip gloss.

"Here," you say as you grab a bobby pin to hold on to the curl that should be in her hair, "Oh, let's put some of this on you."

You grab the one of the brushes to carefully add blush to Avalon's cheeks. You help her with the eyeliner before she puts on her mascara. The black eyeliner makes her bright blue eyes shine bright than before, "You look beautiful. Stephen will be so amazed."

"Is he here?" She exclaims loving the sound of her boyfriend's name. You nod and laugh a little. She was completely in love with him. You could see it her eyes. The way she would look at him was quite adorable, "Is he alone with Daddy?"

"Yeah. We should go downstairs before your father does something to him."

"Mama, can I ask you something?"

"Sure, I'm all ears," you say. She smiles a little knowing that you're always there for her. She knows that she count on you and trust you.

"Daddy doesn't like Stephen, does he? I mean, I feel like Daddy's always mad Stephen. Stephen feels the same way too. I asked him he was afraid of Daddy and he said he was," she says while looking around the room. Her face has gone from excited to worried. She was worried about if Hunter actually approved of her boyfriend, "Stephen told me that since Daddy didn't like him, he was gonna find a way to make Daddy happy because he couldn't imagine himself being with someone else that wasn't me."

"Do you believe Stephen?"

"Of course, I do," she says proudly, "I always believe Stephen."

"Then there shouldn't be anything to worry about. Your father's just being himself. Trust me, Hunter approves of Stephen," you say before giving her a hug. She looks up at you and smiles before turning it slightly into a frown.

"I don't want to make Daddy upset because he doesn't approve my boyfriend," Avalon admits.

"Avalon Marie, you of all people should know that your father will always make sure what's best for you. As long as Stephen makes you happy, Hunter's happy. Quit worrying. Tonight's your night. Go have some fun," you say before Avalon quickly jumps to her feet and pulling you into a hug. She thanks you and makes her way downstairs to where Stephen and
Hunter are.

This should be interesting.

Avalon makes her way down the steps. Stephen turns his attention to her followed by Hunter. Stephen slowly walks over to Avalon and takes her hand. Hunter carefully eyes Stephen watching his every move like a hungry lion ready to pounce onto its prey. Stephen kisses her on the cheek and Hunter clears his throat clearly not wanting to see Stephen shows his affection towards his little girl.

Hunter's little girl.

That's why he doesn't want Stephen around. It's not because he doesn't like Stephen, it's because he doesn't want his little girl to grow up. This is Avalon's final year in high school since she decided to graduate early with Stephen. Hunter doesn't want Avalon leaving. He's just being over protective. He's so much nicer than before.

For example on their first date, Stephen had come to pick up Avalon to take her to dinner but as soon as Stephen tried to start his car, it wouldn't turn on. Why? Hunter had managed to find a way to make sure the car wouldn't start which meant that Avalon's first date was here at home. Of course, as soon as Stephen was gone you scolded Hunter knowing what he did.

You took some pictures of Avalon and Stephen and others of Avalon and Hunter. You took four group photos before the couple had to leave. Avalon hugs Hunter before walking out the door, "I love you, Daddy."

"Love you too, pumpkin. Always will," he whispers and she smiles at him before kissing his cheek. She does the same to you before taking Stephen's hand. You could see the love Stephen had for Avalon. It was in his eyes. He was head-over-heels for her. They've been together for three years now. Avalon is the first out the door and Stephen follows until Hunter stops him.

"Stephen James," he says sternly and Stephen looks at him with a straight face, "watch over my little girl and make sure she comes back safely."

"Yes, sir, Mr. Hayes."

"Hunter," Hunter says which surprises Stephen a little, "Call me Hunter."

"Yes, sir, Hunter. I'll bring Avalon safely by ten-thirty."

"Eleven-thirty," Hunter says and Stephen nods but you know that he's screaming on the inside with joy. Stephen closes the door behind him and you look over at Hunter.

"Wow, what happened to over-protective Daddy Hayes?"

"I think I've given him a hard time long enough. Just had to make sure he wouldn't hurt my Avalon and obviously, he isn't leaving anytime soon so yeah..."

"She has to grow up at some point. She'll always be our little girl in our hearts but she has to get a job, get married, have a family, and she'll be going through the same thing too," you say as you play with his fingers, "My daddy was like that too. He was so mean to you."

"I know, I always thought that he hated me. I thought my family did something to him," he says sheepishly. He had never admitted to you about what he thought about your father's actions, "but I knew that I had to have his little girl. She was too beautiful and smart to let go."

"You did the same thing to Stephen. You know he was actually afraid of you but he wasn't going to quit until he made sure that Avalon was his," you say and he looks at you surprised.

"I figured. The look on his face said it all," he says with a small chuckle.

"Would you mind doing it again? From the very beginning?"

"What do you mean?" He asks not understanding your question.

"If you had to do it again, would you do it?"

"Yes, I do it over and over a million times until I made sure that my little girl was happy," he says smiling. He would always be over protective of Avalon and hopefully he do the same again especially with the news that you were about to tell him.

"Good, because we're having a baby."

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