Requested Imagine #19: Chasie

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Imagine you're dating country heartthrob Hunter Hayes. You've been dating for at least six months now and it has been fantastic and super romantic. Hunter is always there for you and he is so caring.

"Chasie! It's Hunter Hayes!"

"I know." You say. You don't bother telling your twin sister that you're dating him because she always seems to take advantage of you. She always seems to take away your boyfriend. It's kind of sad actually. Who would have thought that your twin sister, the girl you thought you could trust would steal your boyfriend. You look to see where Hunter is and he seems busy with the fans. "Sadie, don't go. He's busy."

You were hoping so badly that she didn't go talk to him. What if she took advantage of you again? You didn't want to lose Hunter. "I have to go, Sadie. I've got my big part in 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory' to practice."

"That sounds like fun! What are you going to be in the play?"

"I'm an oompa-loopma. I get to sing and dance too. It's like a four-in-one-special. I get to be an oompa-loopma and I get to sing, dance and act. It's perfect." You say thrilled with the fact that you get to be your favorite character in the play for your school.

"I guess you should get going or you'll be late." She says and you could sense something about her tone. It was though as if she were trying to hide something. You decided to not say anything about and made your way to play practice.

*Three Weeks Later*

Tonight was the night of the play and were excited. Hunter was going to be there. Not to mention that the whole town of Youngstown, Ohio. You were a famous Broadway actress, so of course everyone would be there. For the first time you were nervous and you felt a little paranoid.

It was like you were expecting something bad to happen. You went onto the stage after putting on the necessary makeup and went to take a peek at the crowd. You noticed how many people there were and your heart fluttered. Where was Hunter when you needed him?

"Five minutes until showtime! Get to your positions!" The director, Mr. Styles said. Yes, Styles as in Harry Styles. What on earth was he doing there? Who knows, but it was rather exciting since Tomlinson was there too. Many of the girls flirted with them, but you kept your distance. Why? You had a boyfriend and you were going to be loyal no matter what.

"Oompa-loompas, please escort her to go the Taffy Room." Willy Wonka said and you, along with three others, marched out and began to sing. You looked out towards the crowd and looked for Hunter. He was in the crowd alright. He was in the crowd with another girl. Sadie, your twin. You kept singing trying your best not to get distracted but it was no use.

After the show, you got a text from Hunter saying that he was proud of you. He was saying how you looked like an adorable oompa-loompa. Maybe they were just friends and you were overreacting or maybe not. You saw them in the crowd kissing as people were beginning to leave. It was the end of the show.

You went up to Hunter and he was shocked to see you. He didn't realize you had a twins. He was acting and almost had you fooled.

"Didn't know? You didn't know I had a twin sister? That's the biggest lie ever, Hayes. I told you that I had a sister. A twin sister."

"It's not like it matters now. Besides, maybe you stop flirting with the director." Now that he mentioned, you realized that director was kind of attractive.

"I didn't even flirt with him! I'm so done!" You exclaim angry with the fact that he cheated on you. Hunter wasn't even trying to win you back. It's like he didn't care about you in the first place. You were a little upset about it. You then to look at your sister. "I should have known." You mumble still astonished on how she found out that you were dating Hunter.

You two didn't even go public with the relationship. It was more a secret summer love. Something that happened over the summer and it turned out to be a huge mistake and a huge lie.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Author's Note:

I know that Hunter would never do this because he's much better than that. This imagine was more of a plot twist kind of deal. Either way, I hope you liked it. Thank you so much for reading. I still can't believe there are readers like you willing to read these! I love you guise. Thank you once again.

Y'all are da,

- A 😘

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