Requested Imagine #58: Taylor

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Imagine you're at home waiting for Hunter to come back from the studio. Ainsley, Kate, and Melissa are with you and having some much needed girl time. It's been a while since the four of you have hung out. Ever since Melissa's been traveling helping kids, Kate's making music with her band, and Ainsley . . . well, she's doing what she does best, adventuring the world.

"Tay, you're getting so big!" Ainsley exclaims as she notices your baby bump. You could help but smile and thank her for the compliment. You were proud of your baby bump. You and Hunter had been trying for a few months now, but it seemed like God didn't want you to be parents. At least, that's you felt like, but finally He was blessing you with a healthy child, "What do you think it is?"

Melissa and Kate looked at Ainsley shocked. You didn't like it when someone called the baby an "it." The baby wasn't an "it," the baby was a small human being that had feelings and could hear. Many people thought you and Hunter were crazy for thinking like that, but neither of you could help it, "What? I was just curious if they knew the gender."

"No, Hunt and I want to keep our baby's gender a surprise. I honestly don't care if we have a baby boy or girl. All I want is a healthy baby, but secretly I think Hunter wants a twins. A little girl he can spoil and a little boy he can mess around with," you say smiling as you absentmindedly rub your stomach. You felt the baby kick and a sharp pain along with the kick. You groan in pain but brush it off. Maybe the baby's getting comfortable. I don't blame my baby. He or she's got little room to actually move around.

You decided to side down but it doesn't help. You feel another sharp pain in your stomach. You had a feeling about this pain in your stomach. It wasn't a good feeling either. You thought about calling Hunter but you didn't want to scare him at all like last time where you thought. Another sharp pain hits you and you feel something warm between your legs. Red. I can see something red and warm. What is it?

"Ains, start the car! Mel, call Hunter! We have to leave right now!' You can hear Kate giving orders. You honestly don't know what's going on, "Taylor, can you walk?"

You look at her face and you feel dizzy. You can barely see Kate's face and you can barely hear her too. You lazily nod your head and she helps you make it towards the door. Somehow, she managed to grab a towel to wrap around your legs as soon as you sat down in the car. Well, there's goes the car seat in Hunter's Range Rover, ". . . Almost there. Don't . . . sleep . . . Breathe."

Kate's trying her best to keep you awake and Ainsley's not driving fast enough, "Pull over and let Mel drive, Ains! We have to hurry!" You close your eyes for a few minutes and when you open them, you're being pushed around on a gurney in the hospital.

"Hmmm . . ." you moan in pain. You hear someone talking but it's not anyone you recognize. All you can see are bright lights and shadows. The only thing you want to hear and see right now is Hunter, but he doesn't seem to be around at the moment. You close your eyes again and this time when you open them, you're surrounded by people you don't even recognize. You begin to panic and wonder where you are until a hand squeezes yours and you know who it is.


"It's okay. I'm here. Everything's okay, babe," he says trying to soothe you, "I'm here. They won't hurt you."

You believe Hunter when he says that he won't let the doctors hurt you, but you don't believe him when he said that everything was okay. Why were you in the hospital? As if he were reading your thoughts, he answers your question.

"The baby wants to see us early," he says giving you a small smile. It doesn't reach his eyes and that worries you. Something's not right, "Everything's alright. Just . . . Don't go to sleep, okay? You gotta stay awake, babe."

You slowly nod but close your eyes. You can't help it. You don't feel good at all. Something's wrong and you know you have to stay awake but you can't.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Has she woken up at all?"

"No, but I know she will soon. She just needs some rest."

"I can't wait for her reaction!"

"Ssh, Ains."

Everyone's whispering and you can't see them at all, but you don't need to. You know that the whole gang's there. Matt, Steve, Devo, Sam, Andy, Melissa, Kate, Ainsley, and of course Hunter.

"Hunter!" You say and can hear someone quickly shuffling their feet towards you. You can feel the warmth of his hand against your face. Slowly, you open your eyes and his face comes into focus. He has watery eyes and he's smiling. It's a smile that you've never seen before. It's a smile of "Thank you, God, she's okay."

"TatorTot, I'm here. It's okay, I'm here," he says and you can finally see his blue eyes. This time, you squeeze his hand and he lets out a small laugh.

"Well, would you look at that?" Matt says and you know there's going some kind of corny joke that's supposed to be funny and only he would find it amusing, "Three days of sleep and nothing's changed."

Everyone kinda looked at Matt confused but he brushed it off, "Wait, three days?"

"You didn't know?" Matt asked.

"She's been asleep, you idiot," Steve says. You can smell a little bit of alcohol from him, "She doesn't even know about the twins."

"Twins?" You squeak with shock.

"Twins. Just like you said," Ainsley says as she tries to show you one of the babies in her arms, "A boy and a girl."

"I haven't named them, yet. I was kinda' hoping that you would wake up soon so we can choose a name for them," Hunter says with a small smile. There's a gleam in his eyes that makes him look adorable kind of making him look like a five year old opening his Christmas gift early.

"Hope Elizabeth and Joseph William?" You ask him and he nods happily. "Well, I think Joseph means "God is with us" and Hope, well, she gave us hope."

"Sounds perfect, I love it. Hope Elizabeth and Joseph William Hayes. That's funny," he says chuckling a little.

"What's funny?" You asked confused.

"Hope has the same initials as me." You thought about it for a moment and realized that he was right. He and Hope had the same initials, HEH.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

"It was quite scary though, I thought I was gonna lose y'all. Your father was the studio and the girls were all here with me. Thankfully, Kate knew want to do," you say smiling.

"I can't believe y'all are eighteen though. Y'all are leaving us! I won't have anybody to spoil or to mess around with," Hunter says.

"Well, there's always Sam and Andy," Joseph says.

"And you can always spoil Mama," Hope continues as both twins try to figure out how to calm their father down.

"It's won't be the same without my JoeBo and my LizBiz," Hunter says as he takes both kids in his arms.

"Daddy, you know that we're gonna have to come back. We can't stay at school forever," Hope Elizabeth says smiling. She gives Hunter a kiss on the cheek and you know that she feels bad for leaving him too. They had a strong "daddy-daughter" relationship.

"Yeah, c'mon Dad. We'll be back. I honestly thought Mom would be upset about us leaving," he says smirking and Hunter playfully hits Joseph William on the arm.

"Oh trust me, I'm trying to keep it together. Gotta be a man, ya know?" You say and the three of them laugh, "You should get going. We'll see you soon. We love you," you say after giving them a kiss on the cheek.

Once you know that they won't be turning back for a while, you and Hunter decided to walk back to the car, "Eighteen! No, not my babies."

"Joe was right, I honestly thought that I would be making a fit instead of you."

"I just can't help it. Either way, I'm glad they've made it this far."

"Can you imagine, eighteen years ago and that pregnancy scare? I honestly thought something bad would happened."

"I know. As soon as Mel called me, I was freaking out. I had to get Sam to drive me to the hospital. In the end, we made it and so did they."

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