Imagine #1: Birthday

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Imagine you're doing yoga in the living room. Ocean scented candles and peaceful music fills the atmosphere of the room along with your peaceful breathing. You're probably wondering why you're doing this, right? Well, you hoenslty don't have any other way to celebrate you birthday today. Your boyfriend's on tour and all of your best friends are out of town. Including your parents, they're out of town too. At least they were generous to call you and wish you a happy birthday.

You're probably wondering who your boyfriend is. Your boyfriend is none other than the country heartthrob Hunter Hayes. Hunter. He was so upset when he realized he was leaving for his next tour and he wouldn't be able to be here to celebrate your birthday. This would be the first year that he wouldn't be here on your birthday. A ringtone interrupted your thoughts. Wanted was the ringtone Hunter had chosen for you to hear everytime he called you.

You rushed over to your phone and slide the button to anser the call. "Hello?"

"Happy birthday (y/n)!" All the boys cheered including Hunter. You laughed and thanked them.

"You guys are crazy! How's the tour?" You asked eager to hear about the crazy stories about the tour. You knew that they had played a couple of pranks on the fans via Twitter. YouTube was filled with videos from the concerts and Instragram had millions of pictures of them messing around and being their normal goofy selves.

"It's been epic! The fans are so crazy and loud. I haven't gotten used to their loudness." Hunter says chuckling. In the background, you hear Matt saying a smart comment. You'll probably be deaf by the time you get used to them, Hayes. Matt says.

"I figured. It seems like fun. All the social medias are buzzing about the tour of the year."

"I wish you were here. It would have been even better, (y/n). I still upset that I won't be there to celebrate. We're heading up to Toronto." Toronto? That was hours away from Nashville.

"Toronto sounds chilly. You packed for the cold didn't you?" You ask not wanting to hear Hunter get upset over something so little.

"Absolutely! Thermals are in season and I have the a few sweaters and jackets that you packed for me. Then I got a sweatshirt from Steve Vacante that has, uh," he laughs, "our ship name and a picture of you and me making this werid faces."

"Steve has some crazy and hilarious ideas! He's so creative." You say and made a mental to thank Steve via Twitter.

"The next one was a quilt for you that has a bunch of pictures of you and the fans. There's a small note attached that you can read. That's from Mya Campbell. You even got a few presents from the fans because they knew that today was your birthday. I haven't opened them!" He says cheerfully and continues on with the list. "This one was for both of us. It's a scrapbook about how amazing we are and how the fans support us. There's Twitter names of every person who supports you and me. That's from Elizabeth Keller and --"

"How about you tell me and show me when you get home?" You say cutting him off. Now you wanted to see all these gifts from the fans.

"How about you open the door and look at them yourself?"

"Hunter, I'm serious. Wait until you get home to tell me all about them!" You exclaim.

"(Y/n), I'm serious too." He say in a mocking tone but in the most serious voice he can.


"Okay, so now that we established that we're both serious. Will you please open the door?" He asks and you sigh.

"Fine. If that's what makes you happy. I'm making my way to the door." You huff and you hear someone scream stop in your ear. "I knew you were joking."

"Oh, no I wasn't joking at all. I just wanted to say that those yoga pants look good on you."

"How do you know I have on---Hunter!" You say as you open the door and see him standing there. You throw yourself into his arms and he spins you around like a princess. He kisses passionately and then lightly leaves a kiss on your nose. "I missed you so much."

"I miss you too, (y/n). Happy birthday."


Author's Note: Alright, I hope you guise like this one. The one I originally wrote as my very first imagine got deleted somehow which meant that I had to re-write. Tell me what you guys think about this version. since it's completely different from the first one but it has the same concept. Thank you for reading and I love you guise with a passion! Don't forget that y'all are amazing! -A

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