Imagine #12: Protective Daddy Hayes

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Imagine you're at home getting your two year old daughter ready to go on her first play date. Hunter's in the music room doing his daily routine, drinking coffee and playing his instruments.

"Daddy?"Your daughter Elizabeth asks. She can him play even though the basement door is closed. You laugh.

"Yes, baby. That's Daddy playing music again." You smile at how talented he is. He was different from other artists. He never boasted. He was very humble and always that God. God was first in his life.

"Moo-zic?" Elizabeth says struggling to the word "music." She giggles after you nod. You hear someone running the basement stairs and you know it's Hunter.

"Daddy!" She exclaims as if she hasn't seen him in weeks. She loved and adored her father.

"How's my princess?" He said picking her up and spinning her in a circle. She giggled and he kissed her multiple times on the cheek.

She was like a miniature feminine version of Hunter, more like a replica of him. She had his bright blue eyes and his brown and blonde hair. Elizabeth had Hunter's not so amazing dances moves and she was a tease like him.

Both of them enjoyed joking around and loved attention. Elizabeth seemed to enjoy music too, just like Hunter when he was little.

Hunter would occasionally take her downstairs to the basement and she would gladly beat on his drum set. Sometimes, when the rest of the boys came over they would downstairs playing music with Elizabeth on the drums.

"Are you ready to go, (y/n)?"

"Yes." Both you and Elizabeth say at the same time. He walks out of the room carrying Elizabeth in his arms.

"You look just Mama," she looked at him confused and he continued, "You have her pretty smile and laugh. You're beautiful like Mama and your hair is pretty like Mama's."

"Mama?" She asked looking at you. She had your luscious curls and you noticed that those curls bounced gracefully and beautifully.

"Yes. You look like your beautiful mother." He said smiling and carefully pinching her nose. She giggled and placed her hands on his cheeks. You could see how bright her eyes shined. Hunter kissed her nose carefully and she squealed. Her curls continued to bounce as she wiggled in Hunter's arms.

"Daddy..." She said almost as if she were groaning. She was simply playing her father-daughter game.

"Come on you two or we'll be late." You say walking out the door. Hunter still has Elizabeth in his arms and went to the backseat to set her in her carseat. She highly disliked her carseat. She didn't like the fact that she had to sit still there.

Elizabeth had lots of energy which meant she could never sit still. She was always up and running.

"Mama? We fair?"

"Fair? What fair, Liz" Hunter asked.

"Fair whiff Lou!" She exclaimed. She was going to see her best friend Louise. Hunter made a right turn and we arrived at Louise's house.

"Lou!" Elizabeth exclaimed as soon as Hunter got her out of her carseat.

"Liz!" Louise exclaimed too. She was also excited to see her friend. They both made their way to the backyard.

"(Y/n)! Hunter! It's so good to see you again." Louise's mother Regina said and pulled you and Hunter into an warm embrace.

"It's good to see you too, Regina. How are the kids?" You asked. Hunter let go of your hand but you could still feel the heat of his body radiating.

"Taylor and Louise are doing quite well. It seems to me that Lou is quite happy to seeing Liz here." She says smiling. After having a small talk with Regina you decide to go to the backyard to check on the girls and Hunter, who seemed to be missing.

"Taylor," Regina called to her son, "I'll be outside if you need me." There was no answer from upstairs. You both shrug and decide to go see if he's outside.

You notice Hunter playing with the three kids. He keeps a close eye on Elizabeth and makes sure that Taylor keeps his distance. You had never seen him like this.

"Hunter!" You shout and he jumps. He knows that you noticed but Regina doesn't. She thinks that he's just playing with them. You laugh at the fact that girls made him wear a bright green tutu meanwhile Taylor has a blue bow tie on.

"We're having tea!" He said excitedly, but you knew what was going on.

"We have to go. It's getting late." You say and Elizabeth quickly gets up and gives a hug to Louise and another to Taylor. Hunter looks at him and he doesn't like what he sees.

"Let's go Elizabeth." He says in stern Daddy voice. He scooped up Elizabeth and you say your farewells.

"What was that all about? I've seen you like these."

"My little girl."

"What about her? You know she won't be little forever." You say as you walk through the front door of your house. Elizabeth's sleeping so Hunter takes her upstairs to her bedroom.

"That's the problem," he said looking down at his feet after tucking Elizabeth into bed, "I don't want her to grow up. She'll be dating boys that I don't want her to date. She'll be going to dances and getting dresses. Putting on makeup and things likes that."

"I know. I don't want her to grow up either, but she's going to have to. We can't keep her locked away from the world like the princesses in the movies." You say and he laughs at the thought of Elizabeth not going anywhere at all. "She'll grow up into a wonderful woman but she'll always be our little girl."

"I guess I'm just a little over protective of my baby girl. Taylor kissed her on the cheek." He says. His attention on Elizabeth and stroked her cheek.

"That's why you were wearing a green tutu!" You say surprised and laughing.

"Green? I thought it was yellow. Was it really green?"

"Don't change the subject, protective Daddy Hayes."

"Okay. Well, he kissed her on the cheek and I didn't like it." He said. If he couldn't handle Taylor kissing Elizabeth's cheek, then how would he handle her boyfriends when she got older? That would be a whole other interesting story.

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