Requested Imagine #66: Hannah

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This takes place during the time where girls in England wore corsets and long, thick, beautiful dresses. I guess something like Juliet... Well, Love Story by Taylor Swift will go wonderfully with this imagine.


Imagine you're the princess of England and you've decided to come to the countryside for some fresh air. Well, more like you wished to see the attractive men who happened to be your workers. Your parents were the king and queen of England, but they paid little attention to you as long as you made the correct decisions.

"Shoulders back and head up, Hannah."

"Smile, Hannah."

"Wave, Hannah."

"I'm busy, Hannah."

"You are to marry the prince of Ireland or maybe the prince of Spain one day, Hannah."

It was the only thing you heard. You were always being told to do something and you didn't enjoy it one bit. You wanted to do something based on your own decisions. You wanted to be free.

Free like a bird.

That's exactly what you yearned for. You yearned for freedom and that's exactly what you going to do . . . even if it meant breaking the rules and having to face the consequences later. You're parents were probably to busy to worry about your presence anyway, so they probably wouldn't mind if you were to slip away into the fields.

You quickly call for your maid, Persephone, who also happened to be your best and only friend, "Princess, are you sure about this?"

"As long my father and mother are not aware of my absence, we will not have anything to worry about," you say, "Quit calling me Princess."

"Sorry, Hannah, but you know I am supposed to respect you."

"Persephone, we were born in the same year. What makes me so different from you? Simply because a title?" You say and she shrugs, not knowing what to answer.

"I must advise you to be safe. I cannot imagine what your parents would do to me if something ever happened to their precious daughter," Persephone said before helping you sneak out through the kitchen. You head over to the stalls wearing clothing that only an employee would wear. You begin to wonder what your mother would say but quickly shake the thought away not wanting to spoil your day.

"Hello, Princess," a thick accent spoke. You looked over to see who it was and noticed it was one of the employees.

"Hello, James," you say before embracing him in a big hug. Many of the employees had recognized your face and knew that you would sometimes wander off from the castle. All of them kept your secret about you leaving the castle grounds. Even though you were still in the kingdom, your parents did not want you leaving the castle at all, "How's business?"

"Could be better. We've sold much cattle and sheep. S'pose you want me to fetch lil' Melanie?"

"No, no, James. I shall fetch her myself. You should sit down and relax," you say before walking into the barn. You can feel the comforting smell of hay and whinnies of the horses, all of them eager to come out of the stalls. You find the horse that you were looking for and notice that someone was brushing her.

"You're so beautiful," the young lad says to Melanie. She whinnies in a way trying to thank the lad for the compliment.

"Her name is Melanie," you say giving the lad a fright. His face pales and then turns into a bright red, "My name is Hannah."

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