Requested Imagine #47: Chasie

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Imagine you're in high school and you're the cheer captain. You've been cheering since you were four or five. Every girl in the school wants to be as beautiful as you and all the guys want to either use you for their own good or actually want to fit in . . . except for one guy. The only guy who admires you from a distance and doesn't bow down at your feet like everyone else. It's none other than the band geek Hunter Hayes. No one really likes him, not even the people in his band class. He only has one best friend and his name is Sam Ellis. This imagine will be from Hunter's point of view.

"Why don't you ask her to prom?" Sam asked as we sat in our usual spot in the cafeteria.

"Asking Chasie to prom is like digging up my own grave. She'll reject me and go with the quarterback," I said and took a bite of my sandwich, "Speaking of digging up my own grave, here comes Matt and his people."

Matt Utterback, or also known as "The Manimal," was the school's lead quarterback. He wasn't the brightest person but he sure did have a good arm when it came to football. Steve "The Steve" Sinatra and Devin "The Devil" Malone were, I guess what you would considered henchmen. Sinatra and Malone were the bad boys of the group. They seemed to always cause trouble and never actually get in trouble for causing it.

"You're in my seat, Hayes," Matt says as he approaches Sam and me. I shake my head and stand my ground. I was tired of him bullying me for being a student who had a love for music. I just don't see why he had the need and wanted to harass me. I had never done anything to him. As always before he could hit me, my best friend stood up for me.

"Thanks, Sam."

"No big deal," he says and pats my shoulder.

"U-u,uh e-excuse m-me," asked a small squeaky voice. Sam and I turned our attention to the new student. He was in our band class. What was his name? Andy. Andy Sheridan, "Is this seat taken?"

"No, it's just us two. You can join us. I'm Hunter and this is Sam," I says and Andy nods. There's a big smile plastered on his face. It's obvious that he's glad that he can fit in or at least he isn't bullied for being the new student.

"I'm gonna go get a drink," Andy says as he rises from his seat, "You guys want anything?"

"I've got Coke," Sam replies.

"I'm fine with my Pepsi," I respond. He begins to walk over to the vending machine and makes a selection for his caffeinated drink.

"Move it, new kid," Matt said as he pushed Andy into the vending machine. Chasie ran over to Andy trying to help him, but Matt simply pushed her away and she landed on her bum. A bruise was forming right where he placed pressure on her arm. This time I got up and went to help Andy and Chasie.

"Cut it out, Matt!" I exclaimed by throwing my shoe at him. It was a very feminine move but I needed his attention so he'd leave Andy and Chasie alone.

"Hayes is finally standing up for himself. You think you're a big boy now, dontcha'?" Matt said while Steve and Devin agreed, "You are worth my time Hayes."

"I said leave him alone," I said sternly. Sam was beginning to pull me away from Matt but I refused. I was going to stand up to him. One way or another.

"Matt, just leave them alone," Chasie exclaimed as she was trying to get up.

"You're standing up for this nerd? He's only here to do our homework. Just like Ellis and Sheridan," Matt said as he looked at Sam, Andy and me with disgust. All the school staff was watching and they aren't doing anything about this. Talk about lack of authority and fulfilling it. Everyone's crowing around and beginning to "ooh" and "ahh" in the most obnoxious voices ever.

Chasie manages to get up struggling and she's trying to convince Matt to not hit me. I'm guessing it didn't work out because she received a slap in the face from him. In return, I connected my fist to his face. Slowly, blood started to pour from his nose. It was like I had just punched a bear and I was going to get it bad, "Hunter!"

I looked over at the person who yelled my name. It was Chasie and she looked me shocked. I couldn't believe that I had done that but I did it. Matt looked at me then I was more than positive that he was terrified. I had finally defended myself and Andy.

Matt, Devo, and Steve quickly left and the crowd that had gathered around us left. The crowd went back to their lunch tables and continue spreading rumors and drama, "Thanks, Hunter."

Chaise said as she gave me a kiss on the cheek. I could help but blush and she giggled at my reaction. I looked over at Sam and he gave me the thumbs up. Andy was sitting beside him enjoying his carbonated drink, "Random question."


"It's a good one. I promise," I said letting out a small chuckle, "Will you got to prom with me?"

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