Found You (A Kane Brown Love Story) by KelseyHSparrow
Found You (A Kane Brown Love Story)by K. Sparrow 💕
Aspen Hayes is the younger sister of Country Music star Hunter Hayes. She refused to follow in her brothers footsteps even though she has a beautiful singing voice. She...
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Hunter Hayes Imgaines by i_heart_Hunter_Hayes
Hunter Hayes Imgainesby Fellow Hayniac
Hunter Hayes imagines! I accept (and encourage) requests!
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Love Tough Enough To Count On (Hunter Hayes FanFiction) by missjlw
Love Tough Enough To Count On ( missjlw
The Pre/Sequel to Safe And Sound (which you don't have to read before reading this one. More info as to why, so check it out :) )
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Hunter Hayes Imagines  by hhstories
Hunter Hayes Imagines by hhstories
A bunch of Hunter Hayes imagines. Requests are closed.
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Celebrity Imagines by shybynature
Celebrity Imaginesby Shay
Teen Celebrities in cute situations.
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You Make Me ▶▶A Hunter Hayes Fanfiction◀◀ by i_heart_Hunter_Hayes
You Make Me ▶▶A Hunter Hayes Fellow Hayniac
In which Harper Grange, a normal woman from Nashville, washes Hunter Hayes's car. ** "But you're famous, and I just wash your car."
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Secret Identity ▶a Hunter Hayes fanfiction◀ by i_heart_Hunter_Hayes
Secret Identity ▶a Hunter Hayes Fellow Hayniac
Joslyn Edwards has secrets... and Hunter Hayes, her nosy neighbor, is trying to figure out exactly what those secrets are. * "You can't get involved with me." ...
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The Strangest Meeting by hanna19134
The Strangest Meetingby Hanna Cole
The loner. The nerd. The outcast. The teenage mother. The victim. The girl that's desperate to go back to her past. Evangeline Bennigan has been called all these things...
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New Beginnings by kristenmarie2014
New Beginningsby Kristen
Sofia Schmitt is moving from Germany to Louisiana to pursue her life long dreams. Hunter Hayes is in Nashville, Tennessee living out his musical career dreams. Sofia has...
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Not So Normal (Boyxboy) by Negativity
Not So Normal (Boyxboy)by Negativity
Samuel McCorvey has a gift. A gift he wish he never had. A normal day seems to be impossible for him since Sam is not so normal, he can see ghost. Aside from that part...
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I Want Crazy || A. Januzaj  by Dancer9816
I Want Crazy || A. Januzaj by Hannah Pulisic
I don't want easy I want crazy Are you with me baby? Let's be crazy
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Hunter Hayes Imagines by coffeeandsparkles
Hunter Hayes Imaginesby bad juju
Imagines about the one and only Hunter Easton Hayes. Aside from the details you give me, I think of all of these imagines on my own. If I use somebody's else imagine the...
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Still Fallin' (Hunter Hayes Love Story) by twcyoungharts
Still Fallin' (Hunter Hayes Love Sky
Hunter Hayes Love Story
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Young And In Love - (A Hunter Hayes and Danielle Bradbery Fanfiction) by hunterhayestattoo
Young And In Love - (A Hunter Nicole
Danielle Bradbery is on Season 4 of The Voice, currently in the Top 3. Her coach, Blake Shelton, gives her the chance to sing with one of her favorite artists on The Fin...
  • countrymusic
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Grace and Wings [Book 3] by VeryCaptveiting
Grace and Wings [Book 3]by ♪ ℋunter ℰaston ℋayes ♪
What will happen to Hallory now that they've tied the knot?
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His Best Friend by CsiMiamifan
His Best Friendby CsiMiamiFan
Best friends since birth. That's Hunter Hayes and Ryleigh Quinn. When his family moves to Nashville, she moves with him. Now that he's famous, she's the backstage manage...
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The First Steps (A Hunter Hayes Fanfiction, Book 1 of the Hardships Saga) by Nethii120700
The First Steps (A Hunter Hayes Nethii
❝The first step to eternal life is you have to die.❞ - Chuck Palahniuk
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Sex leasons  (Hunter Hayes) by TheGreatAuntBecky
Sex leasons (Hunter Hayes)by TheGreatAuntBecky
Hunter Hayes is a hot country singer She is wanting him WARNING sex will be included
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Amen by BentleyMahaxay
Amenby Bentley Mahaxay
********************** Though not a country boy one hundred percent, twenty-five-year-old hotel desk clerk Bentley Mahaxay enjoys country music. He goes to one of Hunter...
  • celebrity
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All These Thoughts by CarriePierce
All These Thoughtsby Carrie Pierce
Chloe Pierre has had a tough life, but one music icon always makes her feel less alone, Hunter Hayes. One night down in California, Chloe just got done attending a Hunt...
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