Requested Imagine #60: Grace

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Author's Note:

Listen to "Sparks Fly" by Miss Taylor Swift while reading this and instead of green eyes, it's blue eyes. Taylor Swift doesn't exist in this imagine... I guess you can consider yourself as the new Taylor Swift. Enjoy!

P.S. If you go on YouTube and look up the duo singing IWC... It's perfect for this imagine. I kinda' based this imagine off that video where Taylor's introducing Hunter and singing on stage with him.

P.P.S I threw in a few surprises here and there ;)


Imagine you're on stage talking to all the fans. They don't know it yet but you're preparing them for a special guest. The special guest happens to be your boyfriend, "So, you guys..."

You begin to say and the crowd goes crazy, "You know, we have a tradition and," you continue but the crowd's roars get louder and louder, "And you know, it would be a complete shame if we didn't keep the tradition."

The girls and guys are screaming their hearts out. You can hear some fans screaming the names of some artists and some of them have guessed it right, but you don't want to ruin the surprise just quite yet, "Well, it just so happens... It just so happens... It just so happens that my love is here tonight."

"Jennifer Lawrence!"

"Selena Gomez!"

"Harry Styles!"

"Hunter Hayes!"

"Demi Lovato!"

The guesses that the fans say are quite amusing, but only one of those guesses was correct. The intro of the special guest's song begins and the fans are screaming. Only the true fans of this cutie will know who it is, "Please, put your hands together for Jennifer Lawrence."

Many guys are screaming but other girls look at each other confused. Those are his true fans, "Just kidding! Ladies, I think you're really gonna love this special guest. He's a keeper. Put your hands together for my love, Hunter Hayes!"

The lights dim and the music stops. The lights then flicker on and off before the his hit song "I Want Crazy" begins to play. It's one of your many favorite songs from the album. After jumping and singing the song pauses so the two of you catch your breath for a few seconds, "Nashville, you're looking and sounding absolutely lovely tonight."

You and Hunter laugh with excitement as the crowd roars with cheers and whistles, "Tonight . . . Tonight is our last night to shine! Nashville, please get up on your feet. Jump as high as you ever have and sing as loud as you ever have. Are you ready? I said are you ready?" The crowd cheers but it doesn't seem like it's enough, "Nashville! I said are you ready?"

The crowd cheers happily and with excitement. Some of them are already jumping around, "Let's go!" You say before singing the chorus of "I Want Crazy" again. For a moment you lose sight of Hunter. He's slipped out of your gaze as well as the gaze of the crowd. Where has he gone?

The song has ended and things aren't going as planned. Maybe he got hurt and he left the stage, but you have to keep going. You can't panic the fans, "Nashville, my sweet Nashville. You sound amazing! Speaking of amazing . . . So you know that feeling you get when you meet that guy, or girl, and . . . you get the butterflies?

"The butterflies that never go away? What about when you can't stop thinking about their beautiful eyes or their laugh? What's even better is the sparks that fly when you kiss them?" You say before pulling the microphone away from your red lips. You smile your best smile because you know it's something that will be everywhere. "Sparks Fly" begins to play which means it's almost the end of the show. The end of the North American tour.

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