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Requested Imagine #80: Emma

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Imagine . . .

"Do you know who's coming, Théo?" You ask your son who's lying on stomach on the couch. The brunette haired one year old is intently watching you as you kneel down in front of him. He's occasionally turn around on his back and clap his hands and then he'll turn around and try to sit up. Once he sits up, he'll try to get up on his feet. Before he can fall on his bum, you catch him, "Théo, who's coming?"

"Papa," he says laughing and you clap your hands congratulating him and then he looks thoughtful as he thinks about who else is coming, "Nana."

"That's right, Théo. Papa and Nana are coming."


"Daddy's going to be home soon, baby. He had to go do something with his friends." You tell Théo and he laughs. It's a contagious laugh that reaches his bright oceanic blue big round eyes just like Hunter. Théo was literally an exact replica of Hunter, except Théo was more into painting whenever ever heard a certain sound. If he ever heard an upbeat song, he would draw crazy lines and squiggles. If he heard a slow song, he draw something that would look like waves in either blue or light red. Maybe it was just a coincidence, maybe it wasn't, but since Théo was your only child at the moment, you saw him as the best person in the world. Mostly, it's just a mother's love.

"C'mere," you say picking up the one year old in your arms, "You're going to help Mommy with cooking."

You set him in his high chair, close enough to you so you watch over him and far away enough for him not to get hurt with what you were cooking. Théo is constantly babbling and coping the sounds that you make in the kitchen. It almost sounds like he's beat boxing. It's adorable, "Elp?"

"You wanna help me?" You ask and he nods as he extends his arms for you to give him something so that he can help. His wanting to help you is exchanged with him pointing towards the bag of goldfish crackers that you had on the counter, "You wanna help me eat these?"

He nods excitedly. You quickly grab a small bowl which is just for him a fill it with a few goldfish crackers. You set the blue bowl in front of him and he laughs. That boy laughs about almost everything and anything. He takes one goldfish and moves it in the air as he pretends that it's an aeroplane before it lands in his mouth, "Look at my boy! Are you a pilot?"

You turn around to see where the voice comes from, but before you do Théo screams, "Da-ee! Da-ee! Da-ee!"

"Théo!" Hunter exclaims as he scoops the boy up from the high chair into his arms. He kisses Théo repeatedly causing the baby to laugh and you as well. He walks over to you with Théo in his arms and kisses you, "I'm home, love."

"How did everything go?"

"Sam's out of it. I had to bring him home."

"Why don't you and Théo bring him in and I'll finish cooking before your parents get here." He does as he's told and takes Théo out the front door with him as the head over to the car where Sam is extremely depressed about his breakup. A breakup on Christmas Day. You felt bad for him knowing how it felt to be break up with someone especially on a holiday like this where everyone is supposed to be together and happy. You're left still making vanilla pudding and fruit punch. Lynette would soon arrive with a Christmas pie as well as a huge present for Théo. Well, Lynette and Leo were bringing multiple presents for Théo since he was their only grandchild which gave them someone to spoil.

"Mama! Cham! Cham! Cham!" Théo's voice is heard as he and Hunter come through the door. Sam is right behind them with a couple of boxes.

You walk up to Sam after he has placed the boxes in the living room and give him a big hug, "Hey Sam."

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