"Requested" Imagine #89: Megan

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This one's for my sweet nugget, Megan (who keeps changing her username continuously, but I'm pretty sure that she's DashlightDrippin. Actually, that sounds like a cool joke. Oh wow!). For worse or for better, you're always there for me [What up, RG reference?! That was actually a little hint to something amazing that's going to happen in the book. When? I won't tell.]. My love for you is truly endless and you're such an amazing and sassy role model. I loved getting to know you more and I'm honoured to be able to co-own an account with you on Twitter. You're my best friend and my sister. You and I always agree on everything and I know that if I ever need to laugh or vent, I lean on you. You're my rock and my biggest supporter. For that, I want to thank you. I'm dedicating this one to you, homegirl. For the love of nuggets, Snapchats, music playing in the background and RG [both the dude and the book].

P.S. Never forget the time when RoadGuy became our biology teacher.


Imagine you're at home with Taylor Swift. She's helping you watch over the triplets that you and Hunter has adopted. Seth James, Summer Rose, Autumn Rain. Ed Sheeran and Hunter were currently at the studio writing a song together. They were determined to make a collaboration and they were determined to have two songs together. A song for Hunter's album and another Ed's album. The two of them had become best friends after officially meeting on the set of TopGear. People, well more like the fans, are convinced that the two of them are dating. It's more than just a bromance.

"Mama!" Seth exclaims as he shows you his drawing of a horse causing you to drop your phone and take a rather amusing selfie, that you would upload to Twitter later. Seth's drawn a purple horse and there are people beside the horse and they are coloured green. He's colour blind, just like his father. Once you congratulated him on a job well done, he ran over to Taylor who happily picked him up, "Tay!"

"Whatcha' got there, Seth?"

"Hor-see, Tay!" Seth exclaimed as he showed her his drawing. She sat him on the counter and he went on telling about how Hunter had taken him once to see horses and he got to ride one, "Da-dee see hor-see!"

Summer and Autumn, your two daughters, came in running in their dresses. Summer wore a yellow dress and Autumn wore a purple dress. Summer was convinced that she was Belle and Autumn was convinced that she was Rapunzel. The two girls let out a scream when they saw who was at the door, "Da-dee!"

"Look at the beautiful princess," he said hugging the two girls. Ed simply laughed at how the girls managed to put a tiara on Hunter's head. Ed wasn't laughing anymore when the girls placed one on his head, but Taylor surely was.

"Puh-wince Eddy!" Summer exclaimed causing Ed to laugh with her too, "Puh-way puh-win-cess!"

Ed agreed and followed the girls to their playroom where Ed would be covered in make-up and would have to hold his pinky out because it was the proper way to drink tea. The girls would mimic his accent saying that they wanted to sound like him.

"Meg, guess where we're going to be this week?"

"Narnia." You say and Hunter laughs. You laugh too because part of you was joking, but a part of you wanted to see Narnia.

"Even better. All of us are going to Disney World!" He exclaims, "Ed and Taylor are coming with us!"

The girls exclaim and Seth is bouncing giddily in Taylor's arms. Autumn dragged Ed out into the kitchen where he was confused by the excitement, "Da-dee say Dis-nee!"

"Disney, you say? That sounds like fun." Ed says.

* * *

"You know, when I said that this sounded like fun, I didn't imagine myself wearing makeup." Ed huffs and Taylor laughs before pinching his cheek.

"But you look so cute."

"Guys aren't cute." Ed says and Taylor rolls her eyes. She knows that he's joking.

"Wha' 'bow me?" Seth said as he ran to take Ed's hand.

"You're better than cute, kiddo. You're handsome. A real heartbreaker. Worse that your father." Seth doesn't exactly understand what Ed means but Ed mentioned the word "better," and Seth knew that it meant something good.

"El-za!" Seth exclaims as he ran up to Queen Elsa. She happily talks to Seth and he's speechless. His cheeks are turning red.

"The kid's blushin'!" Ed throws his head back laughing and throws his hands up in the air. Hunter just shakes his head at Seth seeing how Queen Elsa has gotten Seth all excited and speechless. Hunter's attitude changes as soon as he sees Flynn Rider hugging Autumn Rain, who is dressed as Rapunzel, and then there's Beast who's hugging Summer Rose, who's dressed as Belle.

"Is he okay?" Taylor asks you referring to Hunter. You look up at Hunter who has his arms crossed and is carefully watch the girls, "He's not mad, is he?"

"I think he is," you whisper and place a hand on Hunter's arms, "Hey, you okay?"

"Uh, yeah."

"Your face says otherwise. Don't tell me you're mad about them hugging princes." You look at Autumn and Summer who won't stop talking to Flynn and Beast.

"I'm not mad."

"Wait, did Autumn just kiss Flynn!" Ed exclaims, "Just kidding, mate. She hasn't done a thing, but your face!"

"Ed, leave him alone." Taylor scolds him and he rubs his arm pretending that Taylor hurt him.

"Can't blame me. Funny to watch 'im squirm." Ed's still laughing, "Stop being overprotective of them. It's not like the girls are going to marry guys who are twenty-five years older than them."

"I know, but they're my little girls."

Taylor intervenes and tells Hunter that even though she doesn't have kids of her own, she knows how he feels, "Let them be young."

"They can be young and pretend to be princesses. Oh, and not kiss boys."

"Would you rather have them kissing girls?" Ed asking purposely trying to get on Hunter's nerves.

"You know what I meant."

"Da-dee!" Autumn came running to Hunter and he quickly scooped her up in his arms, "I lub you, Da-dee."

"I love you too, Princess." Of course, Hunter loved his daughters even if he was upset about them growing up. But what father isn't upset about seeing his daughter growing up? Hunter desperately wished that his girls would stay little forever, but he knew that would never happen. A part of him was okay with that because he knew that the girls would grow up to be like you. Just as beautiful and just as amazing..

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