Imagine #3 - Awards Show

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Imagine that Hunter is super excited and nervous for tonight. Not to mention, that you are too. You're so proud of him and everything he has accomplished so far.

He got to tour with Keith Urban and Brad Paisley. He even got a chance to be with Luke Bryan and that was really fun because he had taken you to go on tour with him. He knew how much you loved Luke Bryan.

"Hunter, chill. You'll do fine." You say to him. He humming and pacing around the room. He's only got his dress pants and shirt on.

"Hunter." You say and he stops to look at you. He smiled up at you and you can tell that he isn't that nervous anymore.

"What if I mess up? What if something bad happens? What if--"

"Mess up? Hayes, boy, you don't have to worry about that. You're going to win. Do you see how much the fans vote? I see them tweet non-stop. My goodness.

"I'm sure Louisiana even voted. They love you. The Hayniacs and Louisiana are proud that you have even made this far." He kisses you and you noticed that he isn't so nervous anymore.

*Later: In The Evening*

"Oh, the red carpet!" You say excitedly. You and Hunter are still cloud nine. You look around seeing your favorite artists.

"Look, there's Carrie." She walks up to you and Hunter and smiles. She hugs you and then Hunter.

She talks about how much fun she has had on the Blown Away tour and she hopes that you get to tag along too on the second leg of it.

Soon, it's time for Hunter to be interviewed and you're still in shock when you the interviewer says "three Grammys." He asks you some questions about you're wearing and how your relationship with Hunter is going.

Eventually, you're inside waiting for the show to start. You feel Hunter's hand starting to get sweaty. He was pretty nervous.

"Hunter, you'll do great. Relax." You say but you were nervous too and you make sure not to show it.

It's the last award of the night. The new artist of the year. You hand tightens on Hunter's and so does his. "And the winner is..." Keith Urban begins as he opens the envelope.

"My good friend Hunter Hayes." You jump up in excitement and you look over at Hunter who's still sitting down. He's in shock and you hear the crowd cheering.

"Hunter, go up there!" You say. He gets up and hugs you. He kisses you and goes on to the stage. In the background, "Faith To Fall Back On" is playing. It slowly ends as Hunter reaches the stage.

Keith hugs him and Carrie Underwood hands him the award. She gives him and hug too. He makes his way to the microphone and looks at you from the stage.

You smile at him just to give him some encouragement.

"Thank you, God," He says into the microphone. He sounds shocked, relieved, and thankful, "Thank you, God. This really means a lot. I don't exactly have a speech for this," he admits and looks around the room.

"I want to thank Atlantic Records for everything. I also want to thank everyone who allowed me to go on tour with them and let me open for them. Thank you. The fans. My goodness. The fans, you guys rock.

"My parents, I know they're watching. Mom, Dad, thank you. I love you guys. Louisiana, my home, thank you. I want to thank God, this is truly a blessing to be able to stand up here and accept this.

"Most of all, I want to thank my girlfriend. She's been with me this whole time and she has supported me non-stop. So, thank you. This one's for you, (y/nickname) and the fans. Thank you."

*Back At the hotel*

"I can't believe you did! You won. Three Grammys"

"No, (y/n). We did it. I wouldn't have gotten this far with you. Thank you. I meant what I said. This award is for you." He says and kisses you. After that you two change into more comfortable and go out to dinner to celebrate the fantastic night!

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