Requested Imagine #48: Carson

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Imagine . . .

"Daddy! Mama! Wake up," your daughter exclaimed as she jumped on the bed that you shared with Hunter. Your daughter, Chloe, was extremely excited. Today she would finally go to the zoo.

"Chlo..." Hunter groaned not wanting to get up but he knew that he had to because he had promised his little girl that he would take her to the zoo just to see all the animal babies, "Okay, I'm up. I'm up," Hunter said as he slowly got up from the bed. You heard that both he and Chloe had left the bedroom so you decided it was time to get up as well. You dragged your warm feet across the warm and soft carpet onto the cold bathroom floor. You quickly leaped onto the fuzzy rug that you had placed on the bathroom floor and immediately began to brush your teeth.

You suddenly felt a warm body pressed up against you and you were surprised because you weren't exactly expecting for him to wrap his arms around you, "Good morning, beautiful."

"Morning, Hunt. Where's Chlo?"

"She's having breakfast. She wanted some Fruit Loops and your cup of coffee's on the counter beside the coffee maker," he said as he placed a kiss on your cheek. You thanked him and walked out of the bathroom.

"You're not wearing a shirt," you whispered to yourself realizing that you hadn't noticed his appearance whatsoever.

"Hmmm? Whatcha' say Carson?"

"Oh, nothing," you reply knowing that it wasn't important anyways. It just shocked you that you hadn't noticed that he wasn't wearing a shirt and you managed to notice that he was wearing blue plaid pajama pants. You looked through your closet and found an outfit to wear quickly. You chose a blue demin dress that had a beautiful brown belt that could be adjusted at the waist. You decided to combine the outfit with your light brown cowboy boots that had fringe on the sides and you pulled your hair back into a ponytail.

"Lookin' good, babe!" Hunter says as soon as he sets eyes on you. You feel yourself blushing and smiling uncontrolably. You can never seem get used to the fact that Hunter Hayes, your former idol and now your husband, is complimenting you.

"You're not so bad yourself but I think you're gonna have to wear a shirt where we're going," you say as you toss him his red and black plaid shirt that he had placed on the bed. It's the one he leaves open at the top and you can see part of his chest. You absolutely love that shirt, it's one of your many favorites.

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