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Requested Imagine #37: Caitlin

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Imagine you're at home as always just pacing the house. You don't have anything to do and you didn't feel like being a couch potato. You decided to go to your room and slipped on some yoga pants and a navy blue sports bra.

It's been a while since you've done some yoga. You need it desperately especially with all the stress from work and school. You rush back into the living and turn on some relaxing music.

After some relaxing yoga, you turned your attention to the Zumba box that was sitting beside the television. You didn't have anything else to do so you decided to dance your bored-ness away. Quickly, you zipped though all the screens and completed the necessary steps before beginning to dance.

.An upbeat song began to play and you felt really excited. A few hours passed, let's say three hours, and you were drenched in sweat but you didn't want to stop. You felt excited for some reason and you couldn't get the jitters out. You paused the song to get some cool refreshing water but accidentally spilled it when you saw your boyfriend sitting by the counter.

How did you not see him there? How long has he been there? When did he get there? The questions flooded your mind. You felt a little self-conscious so you didn't like people watching you dance or seeing you in the clothes that you wearing.

"Ow." You saw as you saw blood coming out of your hand. You didn't even notice that you had tighten your grip on the broken glass.

"Cait, are you okay?" Hunter asked as he rushed to your side. He looked at you worriedly and took your hand. Hunter slowly took the small piece of glass out of your hand. He rushed to the get the emergency first aid kit and quickly came back.

"Ow, it hurts."

"Well, of course it hurts. It's glass, love," He said as he added ointment and then the band-aid, "There, good as new." He said before placing a kiss on your nose.

"I should probably go take a shower and change after I clean this up," you say and slowly bend down. Hunter's doesn't take his eyes off you. You've got him worried so he's watching your every move.

"No, I'll pick it up. Go shower," he says after helping you leap over the broken glass.

"No, no. I'll clean," you say but Hunter shakes his head. He picks you up and carries you to the bedroom.

"How come you never dress up like this? You should do it more often." You found yourself blushing, "Red's a good color on you."

"Gee, thanks babe."

"It's the truth! You look good, I mean really good." He said as he stood in the doorway. You turned around and began walking towards the bathroom and notice that he hasn't left yet. You've been calling his name for about five minutes.


"Are you looking at my butt?"

"Uh, n-no. Maybe. Uh, a little. Yes." He stuttered and this time it was his turn to blush.

"Red's a good color on you," you say before he pushes you up against the wall. Your lips connect with his and the kiss is heated. You hands are tangled in his hair and his hands have you pushed up against the wall. Somehow his hands find his way below your bum and he picks you up. Your legs are now wrapped around his waist.

The kiss as well as his and your actions become more heated and intense. You know where this is going. You know that you should wait until you're actually ready but right now with Hunter seems like a perfect moment. Both of you are caught up in the moment.

He leaves your lips and makes a trail of kisses down to you neck where he kisses you gently, "Hunter..."

Let's just say that night ended with you two in each other's arms and having twins a few months later.

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