Requested Imagine #46: Mikayla

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Imagine that you had gone to the store with Hunter. You two had bought all the necessities that were needed in the kitchen. Oreos, coffee, bread, coffee, eggs, coffee, milk and coffee cups filled the up half the shopping cart. You went to pay for the groceries meanwhile Hunter went to the restroom.

"Ma'am, I'll help you with your groceries." One of the employees says as he pushes the carts towards the door. You shake your head and tell him that you didn't need any help. He insists on helping you and you just don't have the heart to tell the lad no. He needs the money anyways.

The employee was pushing the shopping cart towards the car and he was explaining how his mother was sick and he was in charge of his two younger siblings. He helped you place the bags in the back of the car and you thanked him even though you didn't need the help. You gave him the tip that he rightfully deserved and he left with a huge smile on his face. From a distance you could see Hunter walking towards the car.

He didn't look to happy.

You were wondering what had happened but you decided not to ask. He needed to calm down before he went all crazy. You told him that you would drive home and he didn't argue.

"Okay, I haven't talked to you this entire time because I know you're upset about something. I wasn't going to ask but you've got me wondering what's got you so wired up," you say after parking in the garage, "So what's up?"

"Nothing," he mumbles. He takes off his seat belt and opens the trunk of the car. Hunter began to carry all the grocery bags. What was he trying to prove?

"Oh my goodness! Why didn't I notice it before? You're jealous!" You exclaimed as you looked over at him. He turned away not wanting to look at you. You knew that you were right. He was jealous of the employee who had helped you.

"I don't like the way he looked at you, Mik. He was flirting with you. Didn't you notice it?" He asked. His Cajun accent was kicking in. You knew that he was upset and he was extremely jealous. You had never seen him like this and it was quite amusing.

"Hunt, I didn't even notice it--"

"What if you liked him too!"

"Hunter Hayes! No, he was only helping and I didn't even find him attractive like that. I have you. Why would I like someone else when I have you?" You say and he looks down at his feet. He shrugs and he's not sure of what he should say now.

"You like Niall Horan and Josh Hutcherson," he says as he pulls out a chair and sits down near the dining room table. He has his head in hands, "I don't deserve you. I know that but I love you with all my heart."

"Niall and Josh? That's like you liking Emma Watson! There's nothing wrong with it. I love you and only you," you say as you rest your hand on his shoulder, "The lad at the grocery store was just helping. I wasn't flirting with him. I only love you. I don't even pay attention to anybody else anymore."

Hunter looked up you with puppy dog eyes, "Really? You mean it?"

"I mean it with my entire heart, Hayes."

"I didn't mean to get jealous. I just thought--" Hunter said blushing a little realizing that he had acted childish.

"It's okay. It just proves that you love me, that's all," You say and he gives you a lopsided smile.

"Does that mean that you get jealous too?"

"Uh, yes. I'm human and I get jealous too. I mean what girl wouldn't be jealous of the boyfriend who gets hugged by millions of girls?" I said and he laughed, "I'm serious. I don't want to share you."

"Not even with music," he asked and you shake your head.

"Nope. I want you all to myself."

"Well, you can keep me for about three more minutes because I'll have to go to the Coffee House," he says as he checks the time, "Unless you want to come."

"Of course! I wouldn't mind going to see this guy called Hunter Hanes. I heard he was a horrible singer but I'll be the judge of that," you say and he laughs.

"You are something else," he says shaking his head at your joke.

"I know you love me."

"I do. I love you with all my heart," Hunter says before kissing you on the forehead, cheeks, and then lips, "Come on, let's go before we get in trouble."

"I want crazy though. I thought we wanted to get into trouble. Wait, I thought you would take the blame for the trouble we caused?" You say as you walk out the door behind him. He laughs at your puns but doesn't answer. Was he joking about getting you into trouble and taking all that blame? Now you are curious but that would be a whole new adventure.

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