Requested Imagine #15: Jessica Zak

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Imagine it's the middle of June. June fifteenth to be exact. You're outside listening to your currently favorite song by your boyfriend, Hunter Hayes. He sang it at the ACMs and then sang with Stevie Wonder.

"Are you with me baby? Let's be crazy!" You sing out loud. This was a song that could instantly brighten up your mood no matter what.

Hunter seemed to always have that affect on you. He always knew how to make a smile appear on your face. Maybe he had some magical power that made him be the way he was.

You're so close to dozing off to sleep and then you noticed that Hunter is coming up the driveway. He quickly parks the Range Rover and jumps out of the car and makes him way to you.

"Jessica! Jess! Jess!"

"Hunter, what's wrong?" You gasp as he picks you and twirls you around like a princess.

"Guess what?"

"You want crazy?"

"You bet I do. The music producer said I could let you be a part of my music video."

"Really? Ansel is letting them so this?"

"Yes and I'm so stoked about it."

*On The Set Of IWC*

"I'll be right back. I have to go sing this line. You'll be on in a few." Hunter says and you realize that you've never been this happy ever. You were very excited.

"Come here." He says after shooting the part of the video where he's singing. "I'm gonna teach you how to dance."

"Slow dance?" You say because you know that's the only dance he can do right. He has no dance technique whatsoever.

"Yes, come here." He says pulling you onto the set and close to him. He takes your hands and slowly guides you. "Step here. One, two, three."

"Hayes, nice dancing skills." You say and he chuckles.

"And cut!" You hear the director yell. You're having so much fun spending time with Hunter that you forget that it's for a music video. "We'll be outside, Hunter. Meet you out front." The director says to Hunter. You both nod and he takes you by the hand.

"Let's go. I heard this scene is going to be crazy."

"Really? Go figure. I would have never guessed. I was expecting it to be boring and completely opposite from crazy."

"You think you're funny, don't you?"

"You know I'm funny, Hayes." You say teasing him. "That's why you love me."

"No. I wanted crazy and I got it." He says nudging you. You both laugh and he runs outside. You follow him and notice that's it's already dark. How long had it been?

A make-up artist came to fix your make-up and handed you a sparkler.

"What's this for?"

"I'm not sure. They just wanted me to give it to you." You take it and walk over to where Hunter was. He pulls you into a hug and you feel yourself smiling into his chest. You inhale the scent of his sweet and strong cologne.

"We have to light these up."

"What? You know I don't do good with fire." You say.

"Just go with it." He says. "Act natural."

"So basically, you light this up and I scream in terror?" Hunter laughs and shakes his head.

"Jess, you know what I meant."

"I know." He lit up the sparkler and laughed when you panicked, "It's on fire! Why is sparkling?" Hunter's laughing so hard and you can see the tears coming out of his eyes.

"That's a wrap."

"Wrap? We have to wrap up things now! I'm horrible at that."

"Jess, stop! My stomach hurts!" Hunter says trying to breathe, "We finished with the video." You blush realizing that you should have know that.

"Red's a good color on you." Hunter whispers in your ear. "I'm so glad you agreed to come. I've never had so much fun in my life. This was a crazy day."

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