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Requested Imagine #62: Marissa

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Imagine you're at the diner. It's almost eight-thirty pm now and you've been waiting here since four in the afternoon. Who were you waiting for? You were waiting for your boyfriend. He had texted you saying that he would meet you here at the pizza place to have Greek food. He's probably just busy due to whatever it is he does. He's in the studio a lot but you've never heard him sing.

Maybe he's snogging that girl.

Your subconscious tells you. You and your boyfriend have had some tough times together but who doesn't have arguments during a relationship?

A relationship? Is that what we are? Are we even a thing? Was he my boyfriend and was I his girlfriend? I mean, I know he's trying to change but . . . I don't know.

You weren't sure. Sure, you're boyfriend had his mistakes in the past. Sure, he did mess up a few times here and there, but you loved him. You loved him more than anything.

I'll wait a little longer. Maybe he's busy.

You hear the bell ring as the door to the diner opens. You hope to find your boyfriend, but your heart falls when you find out that it's not him.

It's your ex.

Not to mention, he's only the guy that your boyfriend hit. Your boyfriend is extremely possessive. Wait, you haven't figured out who your boyfriend is? It's bad boy Hunter Hayes. Your ex spots you as soon as he walks in the door.

"Hey, Marissa," he says smiling, "I've missed seeing your blue eyes. I miss when we--"

"You should have thought about it before you cheated on me with Rosalinda. I don't want to here about it, Peter," you spit angrily. You don't mean to take your anger out on him, but Hunter's not here yet and if were to walk into the diner to see you with your ex, well let's just say things wouldn't end well.

"I came to apologize, beautiful."

"Okay. Forgive, forget, leave."

"Just because your precious bad ass boyfriend isn't here, doesn't mean you can take it out on me," he says in an angry tone. This is another reason when you left him too. Peter would always get mad if you raised your voice at him, but then again so would Hunter. It's completely different.

"You were a waste of my time anyways, bitch."

"This is exactly why I left your sorry bum while you were sleeping with Rosalinda," you say as you begin to get up from the booth to leave.

"Let me just say that she's much better than you though. Mmmm, Rosalinda. Just so you know, your oh-so-amazing boyfriend is at the club having some hot chic grinding on him," Peter knows he won't win so he turns on his heels and leaves. You're thankful as soon as he does. There's one thing he knows, Peter knows that he's made you upset.

You check your watch again and it read nine o'clock pm. Hunter wasn't coming anytime soon. He even texted you asking if you wanted to have lunch and then he replied that he would be there in a twenty minutes.

It's been the longest twenty minutes, Hayes. Is he really at the club?

Your subconscious can't help but sneer. You walk back to the house. A part of you wonders if Peter was telling the truth about Hunter. Was he really at the club? Was there a girl dancing against him? Was she pretty? Was she dancing extremely close to him? But most of all, did he like it?

Your jealous side kicks in and you can't help it. It's not like you can't stop. He's changing for the best, Marissa. Just chill.

You can't just chill. What if there is a girl dancing on your man? I mean, does Hunter know how it would feel if you were dancing on a some random guy? Maybe he could find out tonight. You open the closet the door and begin to find a dress. You find on and it so happens to be Hunter's favorite dress. It's that "little black dress" that every woman has in her closet. This dress covers your bum and the sleeves aren't long. The sleeves come to your elbows and the back is quite revealing. The dress hugs your beautiful curves and it's a perfect contrast with your ginger hair.

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