Requested - Imagine #11: Emily

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Imagine . . .

"Hunter, please tell me." You say begging. He looks at you and laughs. 

"You want to know?" You eagerly nod hoping that he'll tell you who it is. 

"Wait, who's identity do you want to know?" He says. You know that he's trying to stall. 

"RoadGuy! Who is HH RoadGuy?" You ask. Ever since you joined the Hayniac fandom, you wanted to find out who the RoadGuy really was. You had tweeted him multiple times and he would never tell who was hiding behind the helmet. 

"Look! Let's get some Starbucks!" Hunter says trying to distract you. You can't resist a cup of coffee from Starbucks, so walk into the shop and a white chocolate mocha. Hunter bought a grande vanilla latte as usual. 

"So, now that we have our stress reliever... Will you tell me now?" 

"Whoa, Matt just texted and he wants there with the band. It's urgent." You and Hunter make your way back to the studio. Hunter walks ahead of you and you can't seem to keep up. 

It's crazy how that coffee gives him energy and he doesn't notice it. You bump into Matt. He pulls you into a huge bear hug. 

"Hey M-Matt. C-can't bre-breathe." 

"Sorry, Ems." 

"So what so was urgent that you needed us here?" 

"Uh, I needed to give your daily Utterback hug?" You both laugh at his joke, but you realize that he never texted Hunter. You seem Sam coming from the direction Hunter had gone into. 

"I'll see you later, Matt. Sam!" 

"Yeah, what's up?" Sam says smiling at you. It was glad that Hunter had found and decided to have you as his girlfriend. He was proud that his best friend had found someone special. 

"Have you seen Hayes?" 

"Oh, he went to the coffee room again." 

"Thanks, Sam." 

"Anytime, Emily." You make your way to the coffee room and find him casually standing there with his coffee mug. 

"Okay, Hayes. How's coffee?" 

"Great as always," he takes a sip of his coffee and looks at you, "I guess I'm going to tell you HHRoadGuy, don't I?" 

"Yes. I promise I won't tweet it to the fans." 

"Well," he says and sets his coffee mug on the counter, "you'll have to catch me, Emily." 

He dashed towards the door and ran down the hallway. 

"Move Sam!" He said laughing. Sam pulled him into a room and locked the door. 

"Sam! Open up!" You say beating the door with your fist. 

"Yes?" He says causally as if nothing happened. 

"Where is he?" 

"He who?" 

"Hayes." You say without smiling, or at least you try it without smiling. You walk into the room and notice that the window is open. 

"The window." You mumble. The sneaky boy had gone through the window and ran for his life. "Thanks Sam." You say and exit the room. 

"You're welcome?" He answers questionably. You know where he is. He went to find his coffee. He could never leave his coffee. 

Sure enough he was in the lounge sipping his coffee. Apparently, all this never happened. It was more a whiplash. 

"Will you tell me now?" 

"Hmm... Sure." He pretended to look around to making sure no one was listening to this top secret information. "Emily, HHRoadGuy is..." You waited eagerly for the answer. "I can't say. I don't have a clue. He's in the management but I don't have a clue at all, or do I?" 

"Thanks so much for that exciting moment, Hunter." You say sarcastically. Both of you are laughing. 

"I guess the world may never know who he is."

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