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Requested Imagine #27: Dallas

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Imagine you're at Hunter house with Lynette meanwhile Leo and Hunter are outside just messing around with the other boys.

"How's the baby doing, Dallas?"

"The baby's doing absolutely splendid! The baby's excited and won't stop kicking." You say and Lynette gently place a hand on your rather large stomach.

"Do you know the gender?" Lynette asked. Unlike your mother, she supported you and Hunter. She promised you both that she would help you take of the baby. Leo would too. Of course, Papa Hayes had to help out. Leo was too fond of the idea about Hunter having a child at such a "young age" but Leo agreed knowing that his son would take full responsibility.

"The gender is going to be surprise. I just want a healthy baby. I think Hunter wants a little girl so he can spoil rotten." You say and Lynette laughs. The baby kicked really hard this time and it felt a little painful. It was a good pain because you knew it was because your baby was happy.

"Dallas, so I found about this birthing classes down the road." She begins and you the cut her off.

"I don't know about this, Lynette. I don't think Hunter will approve." You say and give her a disapproving look. She's not buying it.

"I know that this is his baby but it's my grandchild and you're basically my daughter-in-law. I love you as if you were my daughter already. I'm just doing what's best for you and my grandchild." She says and smiles at your.

"I know, Mama Hayes. I know."

"Good throw, Hunter!" Leo says as he walks through the door with a sweaty Hunter close behind him. You walk over to him and he kisses you. He wraps his arms around carefully and hugs you.

"Hunter, your mother found some birthing classes--"

"Why would you need that, Dallas?" Hunter asked a little confused and he wasn't too fond of the idea of you going to classes like that. He thought that the classes would teach you how to treat your child and he didn't want that. He believed that if you truly loved your child, you find a way to educate and raise your child right by yourself. Not with the help of some classes.

"It's just to help give birth, Hunter." Lynette replied before you could answer. "I went to them when I was pregnant."

"I completely understand that, Mama. I just think that going to classes is almost like a waste of time." You gasp. You couldn't believe that you had heard that from him.

"Hunter, it's not just a waste of time. It's a matter of knowing what to do when the time comes. How could you say that to your mom?" You asked shocked. "I'm sorry, Lynette. I'll go to the classes with you."

"Dallas, I don't know about this."

"I do. This is my baby too. I know you want to do what's best but--"

"But what? What am I supposed to do? What if you start going to labor? I can't just teleport there and take you to the hospital!" He yelled and the baby in your womb jumped at Hunter's loud voice.

"No, Dallas. Don't get mad. It's okay. We don't have to go." Lynette said.

"Finally. If you stay here, I can keep an eye on you." Hunter said relieved. Honestly, he was scared but he didn't want to say it. He was ready to take the responsibility but the idea of having a baby still scared him.

"Hunter, your mom's right. Dallas has to go. Your mom will take of her, besides we have to start up the grill. They'll be back in an hour and by then the food will be ready." Leo said trying to convince his son. Hunter was scared and you could see it in his eyes.

"Come with me," you said as you walked towards him, "come with me and maybe this won't be so scary. I know you're scared because I am too."

"Okay. I'll go with you. We'll go to the classes together." Hunter said taking your hand and entwining your fingers with his. Lynette smiled and thanked The Lord that Hunter had finally agreed.

"We're do this together." You said as you began to make your way out the door.

"We'll be here to help you, too. Always." Lynette said resting a hand on your shoulder and gave you a reassuring squeeze along with a smile. You knew that she and Leo would be there for you and Hunter until the end.

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