Imagine #22: Where We Left Off

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Imagine you're at home and Hunter's about to walk out the door. He looks so good in his army uniform but you don't want him to go. Not like this. What if something bad happens to him?

"I promise I'll come back, (y/n). Promise you'll wait for me." He had popped the question a few days ago. He didn't want to lose you. Even though you already knew he was going to leave you couldn't handle this.

"I promise. I'll wait for you. I wouldn't want anybody else." You were crying. He was leaving for war. A stupid war where the love of your life could possibly lose his life just trying to protect his country. You give him another tight hug.

"Everything's gonna be alright. Just stay here and be safe. I'm doing this to protect my girl." He says kissing you. Tears are running down your face and onto his chest. He walks out the door and the truck with the rest of the soldiers is here to pick him up.

"I love you." He says and takes off his cross necklace and puts it around you. You take your locket and attach to his dog tag.

"I love you too. Be safe and promise me that you'll come."

"I promise." He says and leave after stealing one last kiss. He waves to from the truck and blows you a kiss. You catch it and pretend to put it in your pocket. How long would it be until you saw him again?

*Two Months Later*

You weren't yourself. You missed Hunter like crazy. Where was he? He was at war. Tonight was a very special day. It would be the first time you saw him in two months. You slipped on a navy blue dress with a white bow around the waist. It reminded you of the dress from Alice in Wonderland. You pulled your hair back into a ponytail and placed a white ribbon in it.

You had ocean breeze scented candles lit around the house to calm you down and music was playing softly in the background. The computer was turned on and you were expected a call from Hunter anytime soon. You went to the kitchen and went to make a cup of tea. It was something you didn't drink when Hunter was around because you got used to drinking coffee around him.

It had become of your addiction too. You take a sip of your tea and here the computer ringing. It was Hunter wanting to make a call. You answered and the computer screen lit up with Hunter's face. He had scruff around his chin and cheeks. It actually looked adorable. You tried your hardest to keep yourself from crying but couldn't.

"I miss you so much." You say through your tears. There are tears running down his face too. He sticks hand out and placing in on the computer screen and you do the same. Even on the computer screen, your hand fits perfectly inside his. He hasn't changed much. He looks a little thinner and his smile isn't a big as usual but his eyes. His eyes didn't change. They're still as blue as the ocean. "When are you coming home?"

"I'm already there. I'm in your heart." He proudly shows you the locket that you attached to his dog tag. "I still have it and it's not ruined."

"I do too." You say and show him the necklace around your neck. The cross is still dangling between your cleavage. You haven't take it off since the day he put it around you. "I haven't take it off but it seems to me that the leather about to break soon."

"We'll fix it when I get home," he says. You talk to him for about half an hour more until both of you hear someone call him.

"Hayes, front and center!"

"I have to go, love. I love you. Keep my heart safe and I'll be back soon."

"I love you too. Go see what they want and don't get into trouble." You say and he hangs up. You were crying tears of joy and sorrow. To someone else, it would look like mixed emotions. You were thrilled to see Hunter and your were sad knowing that he may or may not make it back alive or safe. Even if he came without arms or legs, you would still love him no matter what.

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