Requested - Imagine #13: Krystal

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Imagine that you're pregnant with Hunter's child. You're at home and it's late at night. You decide to glance over to look at the clock to check the time. It was three in the morning and you were having cravings. You looked over beside you to see Hunter sleeping peacefully. You didn't want to wake him up because he had done so much for you these past few months and he hasn't been getting much sleep. You wanted him to get sleep. He deserved the much needed rest.

You decided to go downstairs to the kitchen to find what you were craving. Quietly and slowly, you slipped out of bed. Hunter moved around and you were hoping that he didn't wake up. You were crossing your fingers and praying to God that you didn't wake up your husband. He mumbled something that sounded like your name and that he would be willing to do any thing for you.

You tiptoed down the stairs, well more like wobbled down the stairs and made your way into the kitchen. You opened the fridge and you feel the gust of cool wind coming from it. You shiver and take out what you want. Pickles and orange juice. You then rummage through the cupboards looking from Nutella. What did you plan on doing with pickles, Nutella, and orange juice?

You opened the jar of pickles and the jar of Nutella. You somehow find yourself dipping the pickle into the jar of Nutella. You take a bite of it and it seemed to satisfy you. You take a sip of your glass of orange juice. "Krystal, what are you eating?"

"Pickles and Nutella," you say with your mouth full. You dip the pickle back into the Nutella and ask him, "Want some? It's really good."

"Um, no. I'm good. I had a big dinner." He says but you know that he doesn't want any of your weird cravings. "Why didn't--"

"I wanted you to sleep. I tell you over and over that I want you to sleep. You need to sleep."

"Says the girl who's pregnant eating a pickle covered in Nutella at three-thirty in the morning. That makes total sense." You give him a look and he laughs. You noticed that he's not wearing a shirt. Where have you been the whole time he was talking to you? Oh that's right, you were daydreaming, or nightdreaming however that works out, about your baby. The baby that you had been carrying for almost nine months.

"I'm joking. I love you, you know that?" Hunter says walking over to you and pulling you into a warm embrace. You didn't realize how cold you were until he hugged you. "Krys, you're freezing."



"The baby's coming." You manage to say after feeling a sharp pain through your stomach. The baby was coming and it seemed eager to get out. Hunter looks at you wide-eyed. He's not sure of what to do. "Hunter, the baby's coming. We need to get to the hospital that's almost an hour away." He was responding. You went over to the dining room and grabbed his phone that was charging. You slid the button to unlock his iPhone and dialed a number that you knew would be answered no matter what.


"Krystal, what's wrong? It's almost four in the morning." You explain to him about how the baby was on it's way and Hunter wasn't answering you. "I'm on my way." He says and hangs up. In a matter of seconds, Sam is at your doorstep waiting for you to get in the car. Eventually, Hunter reacts and follows you and Sam to the car.

"No, sit in the back with her. I'll drive and keep her calm." He says and you know he's still tired.

"Hunter." You moan through the contraction. The pain was unbearable.

"I'm here. Just breathe. I'm not leaving your side." He says and you see his eyes flash with sorrow. He hated seeing you in pain. He knew that you were going to give birth to his child but seeing you in pain was unbearable for him because he knew that he couldn't get rid of it. "We're here."

Sam opens the door for Hunter and he carries you in his arms. The contractions are getting closer and closer. They are also becoming much more painful. "The room down the hall on the right." The secretary says. Sam and Hunter are literally running down to the room trying to make this as easy as possible for you.

Soon there are nurses and a doctor hovering over you. The pain is too much for you to handle. You feel someone's hand take yours and squeeze it. You look over to the person who belonged to the hand. It's Hunter. "We can do this. I'm not letting you." You nod knowing that you have Hunter beside you and he's not letting going anytime soon.

Almost two hours have passed by and you suddenly hear a baby cry and then another. Twins. "Twins, Krystal. We have twins. A boy and a girl." Hunter whispered in your ear.

"Congratulations, you have given birth to twins. A boy and a girl." Each baby was wrapped in a hospital blanket matching its gender. Hunter handed you the baby girl meanwhile he held the baby boy. You noticed that your daughter has bright blue eyes and blonde hair. Hunter seemed eager to see his baby girl so he traded babies. You now had the baby boy in your arms. He had beautiful grey eyes that reminded you of shining silver. He looked so much like Hunter.

"What are we going to name this boy, Austin James."

"I like that. His nickname could be AJ." You nod in agreement. "I guess I'll choose her name then. How about Raelyn?"

"Raelyn?" You say to yourself repeating the name a couple of times over and over. "Raelyn. I like it. What's her middle name?"

"Elizabeth. Raelyn Elizabeth," he says smiling at his baby girl, "I mean, if that's fine with you."

"Of course. I love it. Austin Jame and Raelyn Elizabeth. They're perfect."

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