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Requested Imagine #39: Carson

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Author's Note:

Don't forget to check back at the beginning of the story for new long updates of author's notes. Thanks.

"Stay, stay, stay" by TaySway should be playing when reading this imagine. Enjoy.


Imagine you're at home sitting on the kitchen floor talking to Taylor Swift. She's your best friend and you can tell her anything. After the whole "Haylor" drama, you two became closer than ever before. You had to admit that they were an adorable pair but it wasn't working out. Neither of them wanted to actually date or be together.

Taylor's finally on break for a few days from the Red tour, which was actually really fun and exciting. She was stunning and her shows were always spectacular. Anyone would agree with that. Now back to you and Taylor on the kitchen floor...oh, by the way.... Ed Sheeran is with y'all. You're probably thinking, "Ed and Taylor have nothing to do with the imagine" but you'll see that they will.

"Carson, he's just upset," Taylor said soothing. She's been trying to comfort you for the past three hours. You've been crying your eyes out because of a fight you had with Hunter, again. It always over something so little but this time, you were positive that he wasn't coming back. He had left the house and that's when you called Taylor and she brought along Ed.

The two were inseparable. They were together always and it was something you wanted with Hunter, but it seemed like you weren't going to get there. You wanted Taylor had. You wanted to be loved and feel wanted.

"Tay's right, Carson. Keep your chin up." Ed said in his deep British voice.

"I'm trying but I'm pretty sure we broke up," you say and they both look at you questionably.

"What happened? I mean that is if wanna tell us," Taylor asked you and you looked up at her sheepishly.

"Well, we fought and yelled at each other. I threw my phone at him because it was the only thing I had." You said looking down at your fingers and twiddling with your thumbs. Ed was trying to hold back a laugh meanwhile Taylor was trying to get him to stop.

"You threw your phone at him?" Ed asked and you slowly nodded. This made him finally burst into laughter. Come to think of it, it was kind of childish to throw your phone at him, "Did the throwing of the phone spook him out the door?"

"No, he kind of stood there and told me he wasn't leaving. He knew I needed to calm down. I yelled him and told to get out. I didn't want him in the house at the moment." Both of them nodded understandingly.

"Not trying to be mean Carson," Ed began, "but do you mind telling us some details? I think it sounds like a song TayBug would write."

You nodded and gave them details about what happened. After spending some hours sitting on the floor laughing about who knows what you decided it was time to go to bed. It was almost four in the morning and you felt bad that you had kept them up so late, or uh, early.

"Why don't you guys spend the rest of the night here? We've got two guest rooms." Ed nodded, thanked you, bid the two you goodnight and went into the direction of the first guest room, "There's extra clothes on the bed, Ed!"

"Yeah! Thanks Carson!" Ed yelled from the guest room.

"Thank you," Taylor said pulling you into a big huge hug, "Hey, don't worry. He'll be back. Just talk to him without throwing stuff."

You let out a small chuckle, "I hope so."

Then next morning came quickly. It was a gloomy rainy day outside, now inside was a little hectic. Especially with Taylor and Ed. Those two never had a dull moment. You had woken up before both of them to realize that Hunter wasn't home. You dialed his number and it rung only three time before a familiar voice answered and it wasn't Hunter's.

"Mom?" You asked but you knew it was your mom's voice. He had gone to visit your mom.

"Hey baby, how you feeling? You feeling any better?" You realized that he had your mom that you were sick so she wouldn't worry about the argument you and Hunter had.

"I'm feeling better already," you say and it was a little true. You felt better knowing that Hunter was with someone you trusted and you knew nothing bad would happen to him. You spoke with your mom for only a few more minutes, "Mama, where's Hunter?"

"Oh, he's showering and he left his phone on the counter. Here he comes right now," your mom said and you heard the phone being exchanged and whatnot.


"Hunter!" You answered with enthusiasm.

"Carson, how are you doing? Feelin' better?" He asked. You were guessing that your mom was still there. You had a small chat with and convinced him to come because you needed to talk to him. You hung and began make breakfast.

Taylor had woken up before Ed and when you saw come into the kitchen you couldn't help but laugh at her bed hair bun. "Nice hair."

"Gee, thanks Car. Is Hunter coming?" She asked and you nodded your head, "I guess I'll just leave. Lover boy is here." She rushed back to the guest where you could hear Ed snoring.

You opened the door and greeted Hunter. You noticed what he was wearing. He was wearing a Saints' football helmet, "Okay, what's up?"

This wasn't going to be easy and you were aware of that. It was your fault for starting the fight yesterday so you had to ask for forgiveness.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to throw my phone at you," you begin and you're at a loss for words. You really meant your apology but you don't know how to explain, "You're the only one who understands me and you're the only one who thinks it's funny when I get mad."

You could hear a high-pitched squeal from the guest room and you knew it was Taylor. It meant she was super excited because she got an idea for a song. Oh great, this should be good.


"How did you know?"

"Carson, she's the only friend that you have that squeaks when she's excited," Hunter said and you couldn't help but laugh, "Come on out, Taylor!"

Taylor came prancing into the room where she was bouncing up and down with glee, "You guys just helped me write a song!"

Both you and Hunter begin to laugh at how giddy she is. She's so excited about this song especially since it's about you and Hunter. You hear someone stumble out of bed and onto the wall. You look at Taylor with a shocked look and run to the guest room.

"Ed!" She exclaims and runs to his side, "Ed? What happened?"

"Hmmm?" He mumbled. He was still sleeping.

"Come on, Ed." Hunter said as he wrapped his arm around Ed and helped him walk into the living room. On the way to the living room, Taylor grabbed one of your guitars and you began to serve breakfast. Everyone was seated in the living room. Taylor gracefully took a seat beside Ed and he rested his head on her shoulder meanwhile you sat down beside Hunter.

"I've got it! Y'all are gonna love it," she laughed the entire time, "Here goes."

She began strumming a happy catchy tune that made you wanna move your feet, "I said stay, stay, stay. I've been lovin' you for quite some time, time, time. You think that it's funny when I get mad, mad, mad. So I think that it's best if we both stay."

You were singing along with her by the time she sang the chorus a second time. It was so much fun, "Thank you!"

"For what Carson?" Taylor asked confused. You looked up at Hunter and she nodded, "Anytime. What are friends for?"

From that day forth, neither you or Hunter argued and if you did, you managed to solve the situation by playing "Stay, Stay, Stay." All thanks to Taylor for being an amazing friend and helping you keep a good relationship with Hunter.

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