Requested Imagine #93: Abby

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Imagine that this is being told from Hunter's point of view . . .

"Guys, I really have to go!" I exclaim as I try to escape all the questions that I could possibly get asked. The band was desperately trying to figure out where I was going and why I had ditch them, once again, on Putt-Putt Friday. As much as I wanted to keep my reigning spot with the highest score, I had a plan so much better than spending my night with these crazy boys. It was always hard for me to find someone who was willing to fit my schedule and who's schedule I could fit at the same time. It was so hard, but to know that there was a girl out there who was willing to make things work . . . Well, another night of me missing Putt-Putt Friday was definitely not a big deal. I'd be able to get my points back anyways.

"Someone's afraid of seeing someone else win. That's why they're not coming," Matt said and I laughed, "That person being me, just putting that out there."

The boys laughed and I rolled my eyes as I set my guitar on her stand and then proceeded to put another guitar in her case. I had to make sure that everything was where it needed to before I had to leave, "Oh come on, Hayes! Just one night with us!"

They sounded convincing and I wanted to go with him, but if I did, then I know that I'd blow my opportunity with her. I couldn't do that to her. I couldn't have her thinking that I brushed her off as if she was nothing because to me, she was truly something. Even though I had just met her a couple days eariler. I wasn't going to let this one get away. This one . . . Well, she was the one.

Before the boys could say anything else, I snuck out the back door of the studio and ran to my car. I didn't even bother to grab my hat and sunglasses. I'd have to come back and get them tomorrow. I entered her address into the GPS and slowly drove towards her house making sure that no one saw where I was going. I really didn't need any paps following me around and spreading rumors about her.

It would be a little awkward if we only remained as friends and the media saw us as a couple. I also didn't need or want the fans to send her death threaths. She didn't know that side of me yet because the two of us met on the plane and neither of us mentioned our jobs. I had seen her face everywhere and on the Internet. She was a famous make-up artist with her own make-up line. It just so happened that the two of us were on our way to Paris. Talk about cliché.

I knocked on the door and I didn't realise how nervous I was to be around her. She and I talked on the plane, but it came naturally. I felt like I had known her my entire life, but now as I waited for her to open the door, I felt nervous and I wanted to run and hide. I felt like I was in high school again, but this time, I had a good feeling about this girl. I fixed my hair, but made sure not the mess with it too much because I didn't need to mess it up either. I waited for about five minutes before knocking again.

There weren't any sounds inside or outside the house. I knocked again only to have the door open by itself. I let myself in and closed the door behind me, but with a lock just to make that not a single robber or murder stepped into the house. The house looked comfortable and it made me want to stay forever, but I knew that I couldn't. I felt like all the tables had turned. I was now Cinderella and I only had until midnight before having to leave.

Everything seemed right. It was like I was supposed to be here. It was magical, if you ask me. It's a feeling of relief because you've been searching the entire world for this moment. It's just so hard to explain, but I know for a fact that I can't experience this feeling anywhere else I looked around the room and saw all the endless pictures of her, her friends and her family. There was one of her and her best friend posing for what seemed to be a photo booth. She was looked beautiful as always. I found myself wandering through the kitchen, but she was nowhere to be found.

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