Requested Imagine #54: Madison Giroir

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Imagine that you're three and half and your best friend is also four. He lives right next door to you and little do you that you're life is like a cliché love story. If you ever told anyone about your life, no one would believe you. It sort of sounds like something that would go in a Taylor Swift song. Back to the imagine before you start to get sidetracked...

"Madison!" Your mother yells your name from downstairs.

"Coming Mama!" You exclaim as you wobble down the stairs. You've recently learned how to walk down the stairs and since you're so little, it's a little difficult to walk down the stairs by yourself. Usually, your older brother helps you walk down the stairs or he just carries you because he likes to spoil you. Your mother would always get mad at him for spoiling you.

"Hunter's here," she said as she motioned you to the living room. You saw your best friend with a bat and ball in his hand.

"Wha' dat?" you asked him. He looked at you and smiled.

"Bay-ball," he said and you noticed that he had already had all of his teeth in. You were a little curious about how all of his teeth came in so quickly. You still had three more teeth to come in, "C'mon."

The two of you walked outside hand-in-hand and laughed the entire way. This is where the cliché part of the imagne comes in. Everyone could tell something was going on between you two. Your father and Hunter's father would joke around telling everyone that the two of you would be together. Your mother and Hunter's mother would simply laugh at all the crazy things everyone would say. People would ask the two of you if you liked each other and both of you would say that the other person had cooties.

After a few hours of playing baseball, or softball, whatever you want to call it, the two of you go inside and have a snack, "Hunter, let's go home."

Lynette called from the living room. The two of you had fallen asleep in your watching Tangled. Hunter knew it was your favorite movie. Neither of you had heard Lynette say anything since both of you had fallen asleep.


"Lyn, they're probably upstairs still playing and they might have music loud," your mother says and Lynette nods. Lynette decided to go upstairs and found you and Hunter lying on the bed. She smiled to herself and carefully--

You woke up and began to gasp. You didn't realize that you were crying. You missed your mother terribly and Lynette was headed in the same direction as your mother had. You looked around the room trying to figure out where you were.

"Madison, you okay," you a soothing voice mumble. It's none other than your husband.

"Yeah," is all you can say. You don't want Hunter worrying about anything.

"'Yeah' my butt. I know you better than that. What's wrong?" There was no way to keep a secret. He would always find out one way or another.

"I miss my mom and I miss Lynette. I miss them both," you say and he pulls you in. He runs his hand up and down your back and tries his best to soothe you.

"C'mon," he says and pulls you out of bed.

"W-where ar-ar-ar-are we ga-going?"

"Just c'mon on. Don't ask where. I just know that you'll thank me later," you look at him and nod. It's pretty chilly outside so you decided to pull on some jeans, a blue lacey blouse, and a black jacket that looks like the ones from England. You pull your hair up in the best bun you can and meet up with Hunter in the living room.

He picks you up and carries your bridal style in the car. He places you in the passenger seat. The both of you are laughing like crazy, "Get some sleep in the meantime. It's gonna be a while until we get there, babe."

"Are you sure? I think I'll try to keep you awake instead. I mean, I don't need to sleep--"

"But you want to."

"But you're more important than sleep."

"Go sleep, Maddie," he said and since you knew you weren't going to win, you decided to get some sleep. It felt like a few minute flew by but in reality, it had been two hours.

"Wake up."


"Madison, we're here. Wake up," he said and you blinked a few times before opening realizing where you were. He had brought you to the hospital. He had brought you to the hospital to see his mom.

It didn't take long for you and Hunter to make it to Lynette's room. It was rather quick even though there were many families here waiting for their loved ones, "Mama's in Room 199."

You nod and make your way upstairs. It's not long before the two of you come face to face with the door of Room 199. You slowly open the door and Lynette is peacefully sleeping on the bed. You can't help but smile at how content she looks. You sat down beside her and grabbed her hand. She slowly opened her eyes and gave you and Hunter a warm smile.

"I missed you."

"I missed you too, baby. I missed you both. I'm glad the both of you came. There's something I need to tell you," she says and her smile doesn't falter.

"We're listening, Mama," Hunter says squeezing his mother's hand.

"The doctor said that I was getting better, but I'm afraid it's not true," she says and you can feel Hunter's grip tighten on your shoulder, "I--"

"No! You're not going anywhere, Mama," Hunter exclaimed, "You promised, Mama."

You were shocked at Hunter's sudden outburst and noticed that his eyes were bright red. He was on the verge of tears. He kept mumbling things about how Lynette couldn't leave yet.

"He's right," you say and she looks at you. Hunter's too busy bawling and he can barely understand a word, "You can't leave yet. You have to see your grandchild."

You say and then place a hand over your stomach. Lynette gasps and she shakes her head in disbelief and excitement, "A baby Hayes."

You laugh at how she had said it. Her eyes had soften and you were pretty sure that she was imagining herself holding her grandchild. Lynette took in a sharp breathe before speaking.

"Promise me that you'll take of the baby and Hunter. Love them both and protect them," she said before taking in another breathe. She closed her eyes and she loosened the grip she had on your hand.

"I promise, Lyn. Just don't leave us yet," you whisper to her but you know that it's already too late, "Lynette, wake up."

Hunter can barely control himself. You completely understand how he feels but the only thing you can of is wrapping your arms. There's not much that you can do except comfort him.

After a few years passed by and you and Hunter were blessed with a little girl. She had talent. A talent for singing, softball, and racing. Hunter decided to have his daughter named after his mom. The two of you agreed that her middle name would be Lynette.

Jennifer Lynette Hayes.

"Your grandmother would be so proud of you. She would be proud of how far you've gotten, Jen. So would your father. I know he's smiling down on you along with your grandparents."

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