Requested Imagine #51: Maya Canavan

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For this imagine, listen to "Cry With You" and grab a box of tissues because I cried while writing this, but then again, I'm one of those super emotional chics and yeah. I cry a lot when I read something sad. Carry on.


Imagine you're parents had just left. You honestly hated them with a strong passion. No, you despised them. You never wanted to see them ever again. How dare they come to your house and tell you that you're worthless. How dare they come to your house and tell you that Hunter is using you. How dare they come to your house and tell you that you're not good enough for anything and that you'll never amount to anything in life.

How. Dare. They.

You were trying to desperately get rid of the wet substance that was coming out of your eyes but it was no use. More and more came out. Tear after tear, there was just no way of stopping them. You needed your best friend, your lover, your Hunter.

What if your parents were right?

No. They're not right. They're wrong and they always were. If you weren't good enough then Hunter wouldn't have wanted you, right? He loves you for you.

Unless he's lying.

Stop it. Maya. You can't do anything stupid. How would Hunter feel?

Very relieved because he doesn't have to deal with me anymore.

You made sure that the house door was locked. You slugglishy, yet angrily, stomped into the kitchen. You jerked one of the drawers open and pulled out a small knife and a glass. You grabbed a sheet of paper and blue pen that was near by.

It's for the best.

You quickly scribbled something down and left it on the counter. You knew Hunter would see it as soon as he got home. He would be content with the fact that you were gone. You ran up the stairs and locked yourself in one of the bathrooms. You flipped the light switch on and opened the medicine cabinet. You grabbed various bottles of medication and placed them on the sink counter. You filled the glass up with water and set on the counter.

Here goes nothing. I was always nothing. I'm pathetic and worthless. I'm not even beautiful. I completely understand why my parents never wanted me. Hunter doesn't want me either. He's probably just toying with me. That's all I'll ever. A puppet. A puppet that everyone controls because no one wants me.

You were bawling now. You grabbed the glass from the counter and took a small sip of the water. No, you haven't sallowed the medication . . . yet. You set the glass beside you and placed your hands on your stomach.

I'm sorry, but I know deep down inside that you'd never love me as a mother either. Your father doesn't want me and neither do your grandparents. So why would you want me as your mother? This is for the best, babe. I'll always love you but this is the only way I can protect you. I can't do anything else. No one wants me.

You grabbed the medication and stared at it for a minute. You felt unsure about it. You still had time to back of this. You still had time to stop before you did something ridiculous.

I'm positive about this. It's for the best.

Something did stop. Someone stopped you from taking the medication.

"No! You promised me you wouldn't do this," you couldn't see his face. All you could see was the his blonde hair and pale face, "You can't leave me. You can't go and take my child either!"

He picked you up from the bathroom floor carefully and placed you on the bed. He turned on the lamp that was sitting on the nightstand beside the bed. He wiped the tears away from your eyes and you could see his face now. He was pale and he had so many emotions on his face, "Maya love..."

You shook your head not wanting to hear him and want he had to say, "I know they came. Your parents came and I told you not to let them in the house. Look at you. Look at my princess. They don't know what they've caused. You should never believe them."

My parents told me I was worthless. I know they weren't lying. Why did he have to come and save me? Why did Hunter have to force open that door and stop me before I took the medication? I didn't even get to use the knife. He doesn't know how I feel. He'll never understand. Everyone loves him. He gets all the attention and the girls go crazy for him. The fans want him with Ainsley and not with me. I'm nothing compared to her. She was cheerleader in high school and she was gorgeous. She is gorgeous. Why is he still comforting me? Shouldn't he be in the studio writing a song or something? Why isn't he with Ainsley?

"Maya, you promised that you wouldn't do this to me. You promised that you wouldn't take your life and especially now that we're going to have a baby. A baby that's going to be as beautiful as you. Everyone's worried, Maya. Sam's here too. He's in the living room. Matt and Steve are coming. Dann is too. Ainsley's coming and she'll be here soon. Andy, Melissa, Devo, and Kate are coming. Stay with me, Maya. Don't leave me.'

"Is she okay? Maya?"

"Sam, she won't answer me. She's breathing but she won't answer."

"Hunter, where is---oh my gosh! Maya!" You knew that voice from anywhere. That was Ainsley. You soon heard Melissa's and Kate's voices around you.

"Kate, are you sure she's okay?" Kate placed her hand your forehead and she immediately pulled it back.

"Hunter, call an ambulance. She's freezing and her breathing slowed down!"

They're all here for me. Are they really worried or are they worried about my baby? I can't do this anymore. This is for the best. I have to go and I have to leave them. I can't stay here and deal with the hate from my parents and from the fans. Ainsley loves Hunter and Hunter loves her too. I know it. Once I'm gone, everything will be like it was before. It'll be like I never happened. I was never in their lives.

"She won't make it," was the last thing you heard from Kate.

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