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Requested Imagine #94: Mya

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This is completely different and new for me especially since I don't ever write imagine about Dan Smyers or Richard Rawlings. But here goes nothing. I'm hoping that I've gotten all the details right and I hope you like this one. Also, if you want an imagine then comment HERE or PM me. You can also Kik me or tweet @HHImagineArmy or @AshHayes249. Those are both my Twitter accounts. I co-own the imagine account with my girl DashlightDrippin.I also have an Instagram account for the imagine account too. I also want to thank the lot of you who are reading Relationship Goals. The boys are glad that you support them, as well as I am.

Also, if you've read Undercover Hero, Hunter looks like that in this imagine and he's seventeen. Mya, you're going to be sixteen. Dan Smyers will be twenty-seven and as for Richard Rawlings, he's going to forty-four.

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After nine years, she had learned how to live without her mother. At age sixteen, she can barely remember what her mother look like. Sometimes, she has to remind herself that her mother was real and not someone that she made up in her dreams. She had known her mother for a limited amount of time, but she was thankful that she had gotten the chance to meet the woman she had known as her mother. Even though her mother was gone, she had a happy life. She had an amazing older brother and an excellent father. She even had a boyfriend who loved her with his entire heart. So many people doubted their love, but neither Mya and Hunter doubt their love for each other.

"LeeBug!" Her father Richard called from downstairs. Mya immediately laughed at her old nickname. It had been a while since she had heard it, but hearing her nickname brought joy. As much as she disliked her middle name, she didn't mind her nickname, "LeeBug, you hungry?"

"I'm always hungry for pancakes, Daddy." The sixteen year old exclaimed as she threw her arms around her father, "Is Daniel awake?"

"Your brother is probably still sleeping. He spent all night trying to finish carving the guitar. You know, the one that Miss Lutz wants for her son. Don't wake him up." Of course, it was Mya that Richard was talking to, so naturally, she wasn't exactly going to listen to the fact that her father told her to leave her brother alone. Even though the two of them are eleven years apart, the two of them act like twins because they're always together. Mya tiptoed her way towards her brother's room and quietly and carefully opened be bedroom door to find that her brother was not in bed.


"Holy shit, Dan! What the hell were you thinking! You could have given me a heart attack, you little shit." Mya cursed as she threw her hands in the air. Richard's laugh was booming through the house because he knew that his little girl was going to go upstairs. The two men had the whole thing planned out. In a way you could say, that's what Mya gets on her birthday. The birthday that she completely forgot about.

"Lover boy's coming over." Dan mocked his sister of the affection that she and her boyfriend showed in front of him. Even though he pretended to be disgusted by their relationship, he was quite fond of it. It's what he wanted in life too. He even had his entire wedding planned too . . . Now all he needed to do was find a groom.

"A bunch of school girls. That's what y'all are."

"Dan! Daddy said that you have to be fucking nice."

"Daddy also said not to fucking curse. Wow, I never realised how horrible that felt." He was the goody-good in the family. He was the one to never cause trouble and he never misbehaved unlike Mya who was absolutely okay with bending the rules and if not breaking them. The good thing was the neither of them fought for attention. They both knew that they were loved equally, but the tables were turned here. Dan was more of a girly-girl and wasn't too fond of getting dirty unlike his sister who would literally throw herself in mud without being dared to do it, "Dad's getting someone a new car today."

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