Requested Imagine #42: Tiffani

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Imagine your at home waiting for Hunter to finish popping the popcorn. You had bought a new horrors or and you were dying to see it. You were a fan of horror movies. You liked getting the chills while watching horror movies.

"What are we watching agin?"

"The Conjuring and I heard it's super scary but I've got you, so it'll be okay," you say cheekily and give him a cheeky smile. He laughs and shakes his head while he mumbles, "Thank God I have you."

"Oh it's almost starting!" You exclaim jumping up from the couch and grabbing your light blue Snuggie, "Come on, Hunt."

"I'm going, I'm going, I'm going," he says as he walks towards you with a bowl of extra buttery popcorn, some of your homemade brownies, and of course coffee. His ten or more cups of coffee with essential. He takes a seat next to you and you immediately take the bowl of popcorn from him. He grabs your wrist and sees little red line stretched across them.

"I'm glad you stopped. If you hadn't, I would have lost you by now," he says tracing over the red lines. He counts each of the lines, "Sixty-nine. Seventy. I can give you more than seventy reasons why I love you."

"No, you can't." You say looking down at your twiddling fingers.

"Wanna bet?" He says smirking and lifting an eyebrow. He knows that he can give at least a million reasons why he loves you but you don't want to believe it. Then again, you kind of what to know he reasons. Your sassy attitude kicks and you shake his hand.

"Challenge accepted," he says and you burst into fits of laughter, "here's the first. I love your laugh and the second is I love your sassiness. You're sassier than Devo and I'm totally crazy about that."

"That's only two reasons, Hayes. Sixty-eight more to go. May the odds be ever in your favors," you say smiling

"Don't go all 'Katniss Everdean' on me, Tiffani," He said wiggling his finger in your face, "I'm just getting started."

"Okay, let me write them down." You say and rush for a notebook and pencil and write down the first two reasons.

"Three. I love your crystal green eyes," you smirk and immediately write it down on the sheet of paper in front of you.

"Four. I love your long hair. It's fun to play with," he says as he grabs his guitar, "five I love how you lose your train of thought every time I play a song for you."

"The sixth is I love how calm you are whenever it's raining. You race the water drops on the window to see who can go the fastest," he says chuckling over a memory.

It didn't take long for him to get seventy reasons and he was an overachiever so he went as high as he could.

"Nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine is how I love how you always give me another reason to love you everyday more and more," he says and you blush. It's funny how he can say the right thing and make you blush.

"One million. My one millionth reason I love you is that you're you and no one can change that." He says before gently giving you a kiss. You passionately kiss him back and realize that he wasn't lying to you. You were his everything and he would always find a way to prove it to you.

"Thank you," you say after you kiss his cheek.

"For what?"

"Giving me one millions and many more reasons," he smiles and kisses you again.

"I couldn't have asked for a better girl. You're perfect to me whether you know it or not. I'll always love and you'll always be special to me. No one and I mean, no one can change that."

"Thanks for watching the movie with me. I don't see why everyone else thinks it's scary," you say laughing. You had muted the volume of the television to hear his reasons for loving you.

"I'm glad I can keep you safe," he says and places a kiss on your forehead, "we can tell everyone it wasn't scary." He says with a wink.

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