Requested Imagine #63: Katelyn

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Author's Note:

So I was reading a Harry Styles fanfic and it's quite interesting. It's not the usual plot and I absolutely love it. Harry has a bad boy person and so do his friends. He meets a girl and they have a weird relationship, but they're trying to make it work. It's really cute actually because even though Harry thinks that he's a screw up, the girl that he falls in love with accepts for who he is. Not to mention, he's really romantic but he won't admit. I don't want to give any more details about it. It's called "After" if any of you actually like reading about One Direction. They aren't a band in the story. I cried a few times here and there, but overall it's amazing. I'm still waiting for the writer to update. I kinda' want to see what happens next.

I'll warn you that there are explicit scenes using very descriptive words. I recommended you read it, if you don't mind reading those kinds of things. There's three "books" but it all goes together as one book because so far there two hundred, fifty?, chapters. Anyways, I'm getting off topic. I wanted to give credit to the owner or the fan fiction because they gave me the idea to write this imagine as well as the previous imagine.

There won't be much drama, though.


P.S. So in this imagine as well as the previous, Hunter is seen with tattoos. I imagine him with Ed Sheeran's and Harry Styles's tattoos. I just love their tattoos. Hunter had his ear, lip, and nose pierced in the previous imagine but in this one, he decides to take them out. Whoops, sorry for the spoiler there.


Imagine you're carrying your daughter. She's one and half years old. Her birth father left as soon as you told him that you pregnant with the baby girl. Literally. You had come with the news, you tell him and he says that he's going to tell his friends and celebrate. He leaves with lots of his clothes and leaving you and the unborn child behind. Recently, you had been seeing someone. Even past the tattoos and a few face piercings here and there, there was something about him that made you feel safe.

"So Taylor, I'm going to have a friend over and he's really nice. You're going to love him," you coo hoping to have your Taylor be willing to let him be near her. You wanted to see how they worked. Would he hurt your daughter?

No, not your boyfriend.

"Mama, ice?" She asked completely confused. You can't help but laugh at her attempt of saying the word "nice."

"Yeah, baby. He's really nice." Your daughter and you are interrupted by the knock at the door. You know exactly who it is. You set Taylor on the ground and she giggles as she plays with the magnets. You open the door to reveal your boyfriend.

"Hey, beautiful!" He says as he kisses you on the cheek. It's hard for him to show some kind of affection towards. It's weird, but you love the fact that he's trying to make it work. You can't help but jump into his arms. He's surprised by the sudden gesture but hr continues not wanting to spoil the moment.

"I missed you," you say as you use your finger to trace one of the tattoos on his arms. He had told you what they all meant to him. They were all special to him and only you and him knew the meaning behind them, "You took the piercings out?"

"Yeah, I kinda' got tired of them. Ya' know?" It was quite strange to see him without them. You had grown quite fond of the piercings, "Is this Tay?"

"Tay-wore," your daughter says before looking up at Hunter. She's shocked by his appearance and immediately finds a way to get behind you.

"Taylor, I won't hurt you," he says and he slowly sticks his hand out. It was like he was trying to pet a kitten. He was being extremely gentle and he slowly got closer to her. He stops, realizing that he can't get any closer. He looks up you and you can tell he's a little hurt.

"She's afraid. Don't take it personally, Hunt," you say and he gives you a half smile.

"I wanna take you somewhere. Both of you," he says and looks at Taylor. She would occasionally look up at him but then hide behind you again. At some point she managed to slip away and hide in her room, "I want you to meet my parents."

His parents? He wanted you to meet his parents, "Uh, sure. Let me get Taylor ready," you say and leave to get her ready. You expected him to say to not bring Taylor but he didn't argue. It was like he wanted your daughter to come with the two of you.

"Mama, go?"

"You're coming with us, buttercup. We're going to his parents. We're going to see his mommy and daddy," you say and she claps her hands. You weren't sure if she was really excited or if she was playing along.

After getting ready, you tell her that she could wait her room while you quickly went to pull your hair up. You wanted to look the most presentable in front of Hunter's parents. As you flatten out the creases in your skirt, you can hear Hunter talking to Taylor.

"We're going to see my mommy and daddy. You're coming with us. Is that okay?" You don't know if she shook or nodded her head but you're guessing that she said yes. "They're going to love you. Do you know why?"

"Why?" She asked with a lot of curiosity in her voice. She sounded much more confident that she had before when Hunter walked into the room.

"You're a pretty princess like your mommy. She's beautiful and so are you. My mommy and daddy only like pretty people in their home," he says and you know he's smiling. This was a side of him you had never seen before. It was quite strange to see him here sitting with Taylor and trying to be nice and friendly, especially with a little girl.

"Pincess?" She asked and managed to open the door a little. She was sitting on the bed and Hunter was right beside her with a book in his hands. It was Taylor's favorite story. It was Tangled. Her favorite princess was Rapunzel and she often dreamed of have her hair as long as Rapunzel's. Hunter nodded and found one of Taylor's crowns before placing it on her head. She closed her eyes tightly and scrunched her nose. She was laughing and it was amazing to hear her laugh. You had never heard her laugh like that before.

"Yeah, you're my princess and so is your mommy. Both of you are my princesses," you walked in and he had placed a kiss on her head. She flinched a little but didn't say anything. Hunter noticed you had walked in and gave you a warm smile, "You ready to go?"

You nod and after a few hours of driving, the three of you have arrived in his hometown. This was the place he grew up. Breaux Bridge. Lynette and Leo welcomed you with open arms and they were surprised to see Taylor but Lynette wasn't all that shocked, "He never stops talking about you. It's been years since I've seen him smile. He hasn't come back home for years until recently."

"Hi Taylor," she said as she extended her arms to Taylor. Instead of running behind you, she stood behind Hunter. She was terrified of meeting new people, "She's beautiful and very shy."

"Tay, this is my mommy and daddy," Hunter says to Taylor, who is now in his arms, and you can see the tears forming in Lynette's eyes. It's probably been forever since she's heard that from her son.

"Mommy 'n daddy?" She asked as she lifted her head of his chest.

"Yeah, my mommy and daddy."

"Own pincess?"

"Yeah, only princesses can come here," Hunter says chuckling and Lynette seems to understand where her son is going with this. Leo has disappeared into the house. Apparently, he hasn't been feeling well lately so he can't stay outside very long. Lynette invites the three of you inside and the house smells amazing. You can barely see the kitchen due to all the food that's being cooked, "Family reunion."

Hunter whispers in your ear making sure no one else but you can hear. You nod. Taylor is still in Hunter's arms and neither of them want to be away from each other. He whispers something into her ear and she looks at him completely confused. Hunter whispers something else and she happily nods before the two of them, along with Leo, disappear.

"Kate, I wanna thank you."

"What for Lynette?"

"You brought my baby boy back. Leo and I thought we had lost him. We thought that we would never see him again. You've make him happy. I've never seen him like this. You make him a better person and the way he looks at you and Taylor, it just warms my heart. The three of us honestly thought he would never find someone. We thought he would be alone forever, but thanks to you, he doesn't have to be. You're the sunshine in all of right now. Thank you, Katelyn."

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